Why Choose our Sixth Form?

Our Sixth Form is designed to shape students into confident and successful global citizens.

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Our Sixth Form centres around the idea of a bespoke journey for every student. This journey culminates in the common goal of achieving the best A Level results in subjects that support university and career goals, but every student’s experience will be unique.

How do we create this bespoke journey ?

Sixth Form Tutors

Our tutor system is widely regarded as a valuable feature of the Sixth Form experience. You child’s tutor will meet them twice weekly throughout the year, building a professional working relationship, supporting their academic and pastoral needs with objective, non-judgemental and empathetic guidance. Tutors also communicate with teachers and parents where appropriate.

A Level Qualifications

A Levels are the gold standard qualification for entry into UK universities – but they are also globally recognised. Unlike the IB, A Levels offer students flexibility to do any combination of three to five subjects.
We are fully accredited with the three international A Level examination boards – Cambridge Assessment International; Pearson Edexcel; and OxfordAQA.

Career Support

From as early as F, E & D Block (the years prior to Sixth Form) we get our students thinking about their longer-term career opportunities and goals. Whether there is a definite path in mind or early ideas based on strengths and interests, our individual career support enables students to select A Level subjects that will give them the best opportunities.

Regional University Specialists (global)

For most RST students, the end goal with A Levels is to secure a university place. Our university counsellors are regional specialists who can offer niche information and guidance for different application processes and needs across the globe. They work with each student to make decisions – based on conversations, research and support – that will help them achieve their future goals. This includes looking at successful pathways to desired universities and advising on courses, qualifications, and timelines for applications. The counsellors will also offer comprehensive application support, including Oxbridge application support.

Enrichment & Additional Qualifications

The vast array of opportunities and experiences that our students gain from our embedded co-curricular programme recently gained us a prestigious COBIS ‘Beacon Status’ award. Every day our students partake in enriching co-curricular activities that support their learning journey through School. Alongside our co-curricular programme, we provide our Sixth Form students with the opportunity to do SATS, IELTS, IPQ, Oxbridge Preparation and various other specialist entrance exams and qualifications.

University Preparation Course

One of our most unique selling points in the Sixth Form is our ‘University Preparation Course’, which equips the students for real life beyond school. We’ve worked closely with previous cohorts to develop this, and the result is a fantastic course that covers everything from budgeting and cooking healthy budget-friendly meals, to the social side of university, adding value to your academic experience and, most-importantly, safety (including self-defence, drug awareness and relationships).
Our Sixth Form is designed to shape students into confident and successful global citizens.
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