What universities do RST students go to?

by Lee May, Head of Sixth Form

Further education at one of the top global universities is often the end goal for our students. Offering A-levels in conjunction with a vast array of extra curricular activities means that we can tailor each individual student’s path, so it is no surprise then that our students have such a range of university options.

It is true to say that the majority of students apply to UK universities, but what they apply to do ranges from medicine, to economics, to fashion, to design. With a focus on the subject area each applicant has at their selected universities, it is important to demonstrate interests and abilities beyond A-level requirements. Whether that is running a fashion show for charity, taking part in our medical society that helps with work experience, BMAT preparation or completing an International Project Qualification (IPQ), at RST we offer many different opportunities to bolster university applications.

Students at RST are able to show they have gone above and beyond and are encouraged to consider how they will stand out when applying for the most academic institutions. Whilst our students last year secured 61% A*/A in their final A-level grades, it is the extra things they do that allowed them to stand out. This ensured they gained entry to highly competitive places like London School of Economics (on a full scholarship), London Film Academy, Warwick University and the University of Manchester in the UK.

We have five specialist counselors concentrating on different regions, so we truly can support applications across the world. This year, with the current situation, many are looking at Thailand, at universities such as Madihol. They have full support, often including bespoke trips to the departments they wish to apply to. The medical society also helps students prepare for Thai medical school.

We have students applying to Australia, the US, Canada, China, Russia, Japan, Germany, Singapore and Malaysia as well as the UK. Each receives a bespoke package to help gain entrance. This includes IELTS/TEFL support, SAT support and BMAT. We provide everything you require to apply for university in-house so there is no need for external private tutors.

To find out more about entry to our Sixth Form or to arrange a visit, email admissions@rugbyschool.ac.th 

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