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Weekly Menus

Our goal is to provide a balanced diet and an enjoyable dining experience for everyone in the School community.

A well-thought-out and executed menu is crucial for any school. Each day, students are provided with a healthy morning and afternoon snack, plus a nutritious choice of items for lunch. Additionally, boarding students are provided with a variety of excellent breakfast and supper choices, with snacks such as cereal, fruit and toast also freely available. All meal costs are covered by standard tuition and boarding fees.

View this month's menus below.

We regularly survey students and staff to help improve our menus. If you have suggestions or would like to discuss our menus, please contact

Staff at buffet line
Close up shot of a plate of food at buffet line
Students eat lunch at dining hall
Close up shot of food in buffet serving
People talking at dining hall
Fruit at salad bar
Boys having snack and drinks at dining hall
Salad bar
Students at the buffet line
Students taking food at salad bar
Close up shot of food
Buffet line
Serving food at buffet line
Serving food at buffet line
Serving food at buffet line
Breakfast Menu 12-18 Feb 24
Breakfast Menu 5-11 Feb 24
Breakfast Menu 26 Feb-3Mar 24
Lunch Menu 5-10 Feb 24
Lunch Menu 26 Feb - 2 Mar 24
Lunch Menu 12-17 Feb 24
Dinner Menu 5-11 Feb 24
Dinner Menu 29 Jan - 4Feb 24
Dinner Menu 12-18 Feb 24

“Healthy eating is a way of life; establish simple, realistic, and ultimately livable routines.” Horace