We follow the British private school model. What does this mean?

British private schools typically maintain smaller class numbers and have longer school days, elevating the experience for children. 

At Rugby School Thailand we keep class sizes at a maximum of 18 pupils (or 20 in the Senior School), which allows each child individual focus and attention in a nurturing environment. In some areas of learning there can be as few as 2-3 pupils in a lesson! One of the main reasons we value this approach is that it allows us to tailor teaching to each child’s needs and builds a stronger rapport between staff and students. It is also a big draw for working parents who need more time in their own day.

As well as small classes, the model also means we have longer days than most other schools. Starting at 8am, the school day goes on until 3.15pm (Pre-Prep EYFS), 4.45pm (Pre-Prep KS1), 6pm (Prep and Senior) and later for our boarders. We pack each day full of inspiring lessons, but also sport and co-curricular activities, keeping children active and engaged. The day also incorporates prep/homework, so parents and children can actually relax when they get home. 

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