The truth about A Levels

You may have heard some rumours that say A Levels are only good for entry to UK universities. This is simply untrue.


A Levels are the gold standard for entry into UK universities – but they are also globally accepted. Students from the UK use their A Level results to attend universities around the world. Likewise, schools in Thailand that offer A Levels have been sending students to universities worldwide for decades, and this includes the most prestigious university establishments.


In fact, at some US and Canadian universities, certain A Level courses are so highly regarded that students can gain one year of university credit by virtue of their A Level studies at school.


To learn more about A Level qualifications for university entry, you can read this article on the Cambridge Assessment International Education website.


Rugby School Thailand is fully accredited with the three international A Level examination boards – Cambridge Assessment International; Pearson Edexcel; and OxfordAQA. Rugby School Thailand is an examination centre for each of these boards. Our first examinations occurred in January, 2019.


If you wish to talk to us about your child’s Sixth Form education in preparation for university, please do get in touch with admissions@rugbyschool.ac.th to arrange a time.

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