The International Art Project

The International Art Project

Mrs Barnes is leading an exciting collaboration between schools around the world to develop teaching and learning in art


The International Art Project is an exciting scheme that has been created by Mrs Barnes, Head of Art for the Prep School. The project involves a group of schools from all over the world, working together on various art tasks and to share good practices. The individual art tasks have started with a focus on the people taking part, their local areas and their countries; and this will expand to learning about the global project partners and exploring where everyone is from. The aim is to make art teaching and learning more relevant, dynamic and inspiring! 


The project, established by our Prep School art department here at Rugby School Thailand, involves partner schools in Greece, Finland, UK, Australia, Germany, Poland and Catalonia, Spain.


The International Art Project collaboration began with a self-portrait task, which has been shared between the schools so all the pupils can get to know each other. Here at RST, the pupils made monochrome pencil portraits in Years 7 and 8, while Years 5 and 6 created symbolic portraits inspired by the work of Frida Kahlo, and Years 3 and 4 were challenged to produce a series of portraits after studying the work of Pablo Picasso (of which some were in the cubist style and others a little more realistic). 


The subsequent tasks have involved creative map making, traditional patterns and costumes, plants and creatures found where all the different children live – and within these themes, there is a focus on improving your own surroundings. 


The work from all the schools involved will be displayed in an end-of-project exhibition to celebrate our achievements! 


To see this exciting global collaboration unfold, take a look at the website: https://sites.google.com/rugbyschool.ac.th/art-in-schools/home

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