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We live in a constantly evolving world with new technologies emerging almost daily. Creativity is at the heart of teaching young people the skills that will enable them to apply emerging advanced technologies in new and interesting ways.

Design Technology (DT) at Rugby School Thailand exists to develop skills and knowledge in design, mechanisms, digital control and a wide range of materials, using technology. We strive to nurture creativity and encourage pupils to think about important local, national and global issues along the way. The subject is a motivating context for further discovery of literacy, mathematics, science, art and ICT, bringing learning to life as children create their own functional products.

As Tristram Hunt, Director of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, recently stated: “A subject like Design and Technology is vitally important for children to develop imagination and resourcefulness, resilience, problem-solving, team-working and technical skills. These are the skills which will enable young people to navigate the changing workplace of the future and stay ahead of the robots – not exam grades”.