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Pre-Prep Teachers


Sarah Shuttleworth (British)

Head of Pre-Prep

Sarah has been a very highly-regarded Head of Early Years in three different countries, all following the British National Curriculum. As ‘Head of Early Years’ at Regents International School in Bangkok, Sarah very successfully established and grew the Early Years age group from its inception, whilst as ‘Head of Pre-Prep and Lower School’ at Bromsgrove International School in Bangkok, Sarah overhauled its curriculum and policies to transform the pupils’ educational experience.

Prior to joining RST, Sarah was for five years an ‘outstanding’ Assistant Head and Head of Pre-Prep at Feltonfleet Prep, a private school in southern England, where she has brought fresh ideas and vision, and ‘total commitment to the personal, social and academic development of the pupils in her care’. Sarah has also worked in international schools in Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Sarah has established a wide range of initiatives in her career, from cursive handwriting schemes, to soft play rooms, to woodland nature areas. Sarah says that she ‘firmly believes that all we do must be for the good of the pupils’, and that she has ‘high expectations in terms of both the quality of work produced and the behaviour expected’.

Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts degree, with Qualified Teacher Status, from the University of Leeds. In 2011 Sarah qualified as an inspection team member for the CIS (Council for International Schools). She is married with one son who joined Rugby School Thailand in September 2017.

Joanna Gwaspari

Joanna Schloemer (British)

Nursery Teacher and Head of Nursery

Joanna has enjoyed a range of experiences as a teacher of Nursery/Pre-Prep children. Her previous role was ‘Senior Teacher’ at a London Primary School, with responsibility for overseeing teaching and learning in the Early Years. Previously she has been a ‘Lead Nursery Teacher’, Music Coordinator, and Gifted & Talented coordinator.

Joanna has a BA Arts degree from the University of Durham, a PostGraduate Certificate of Education from Cambridge University, and a Masters in Education also from Cambridge University. She has a Performance Diploma in Piano, and has run school choirs…and a Lego club. Joanna says that “Education is about instilling a deep love of learning that affords children the courage to develop their imagination and explore their individuality.”

Georgia Head Shot

Georgia Wicks (Australian)

Pre-Nursery Class Teacher

Georgia joined RST as Pre-Nursery teacher in January 2018 and made a hugely positive impression from the outset. Previously she has worked at Elizabeth Moir International School in Sri Lanka and at a Primary School in Sydney, Australia. She enjoys art and creativity, and organised a very successful science fun day called ‘Whizzbangtechnitastic’. Going back a few more years, Georgia was educated at NIST, Bangkok, where her mother was a teacher whilst her father was a teacher at another international school in Bangkok.

Georgia has a Graduate Diploma in Primary Education from Swinburne University in Australia, as well as a CELTA qualification for EAL. She describes her main focus as ‘fostering a positive learning environment for all pupils’. Georgia has two children, both at RST, and her husband is a Year 3 Teaching Assistant.

Carly Pepper

Carly Pepper (British)

Nursery Class Teacher

Carly grew up in Africa and is now an Early Years specialist with a Post Graduate Certificate of Education from Chester University UK, and a degree in Psychology from Sussex University. She has UK classroom experience with Nursery and Reception age groups. Carly was previously Head of Pre-School and Year Group leader at the Gulf English School in Qatar, with responsibility for curriculum planning and parental communication.

As a teacher, Carly believes that “learning should be an enjoyable experience” and Carly’s relationship with the children in her class has been rated as ‘outstanding’ in all observed lessons. Carly has been involved with a variety of after-school clubs – art, sport and dance.

India Collings 02

India Collings (British)

Nursery Class Teacher

India is currently an Early Years teacher, Science co-ordinator and Music representative at one of the top-performing Primary schools in the UK.  An ‘outstanding’ phonics teacher, India is described as ‘a strong and reliable member of the team who works diligently and with enthusiasm to ensure children are happy and make good progress’. She has gained experience working with EAL pupils, and recognises that ‘it is important to create a positive relationship with all pupils so that they feel safe in their learning environment and ultimately achieve to their fullest potential’. 

India has a PGCE (Primary and Early Years) and a degree in Music. She is passionate about music and has extensive experience in leading choirs as well as singing professionally. She hopes to contribute extensively to extra-curricular Musical activities at Rugby School Thailand to inspire the children’s interests in the arts. She joins RST in September 2018 along with her husband, Ben, who will be teaching music.

Katie Bundy 02

Katie Bundy (British)

Reception Class Teacher

Previously a Reception teacher at Clifton College in the UK, Katie is currently a teacher of 3 and 4 year olds, Boarding House Tutor and sports coach at Dulwich College, China.  She is described as being ‘a real asset to a school’ and having ‘a very bright future ahead of her’. 

Katie’s teaching philosophy is centered around building a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem; she has high expectations and wants children ‘to be able to shine and have a real love of learning.’ Katie has run many extra-curricular activities, including drama, dance, cooking and netball.

Katie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Studies and qualified in the UK as an Early Years teaching specialist.

Hannah O'Brien

Hannah O’Brien (British)

Reception Class Teacher

Hannah was previously a Reception teacher, Key Stage 1 / Early Years leader, and a member of the Primary Leadership team at The British School in New Delhi, India. Prior to that she has been a Reception teacher at both private and state schools in the U.K., as well as a PE coordinator and a Curriculum coordinator. She has a BA in Primary Education from Canterbury Christ Church University College.

Hannah has a range of interests, and has run an ‘I Can Cook’ activity, a horticultural club, and after-school sports clubs in netball, football and cross-country. Hannah says that “a child’s future choices, attainment, wellbeing, happiness and resilience are profoundly affected by the quality of the guidance and care they receive during their first years of education”. Hannah is married with two children both of whom joined Rugby School Thailand in September 2017.

Miki Tokumitsu

Miki Tokumitsu (Japanese)

Year 1 Class Teacher

Fluent in English, Miki was educated at a British curriculum international school in Singapore, and was based in Australia from 2005. She has experience teaching from Years 1-3, and for 4 years prior to RST was a classroom teacher at a public school in Sydney where she was an active member of the Visual Arts Committee, the Concert Committee, the Mathematics Committee, the Technology Committee, and the Environmental Committee. She has mentored trainee teachers, run an Art Club, coached sport, assisted in overseas trips (including Thailand), conducted a recorder group, and has assisted in the running of a computer coding club. And, as a leading member of the School Representative Council, she has coordinated charitable fund-raising.

Miki obtained a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Sydney, and is CELTA qualified to teach English as a foreign language. She says that her priority as a class teacher is to ‘provide a safe and supportive learning environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging’, and ‘where learning is engaging and enjoyable’.

Mark Symmonds LowRes

Mark Symmonds (British)

Year 1 Class Teacher

Mark is currently Head of Year One at Brighton College Al Ain in the UAE. Here he has been responsible for the Junior School Maths Curriculum, has led the ‘Teaching and Learning’ team, and has designed the Staff Induction Programme (forming part of the dissertation for his Master’ degree in International Education). Described as ‘the consummate professional…popular with pupils, teachers and parents alike’, Mark has high expectations, and believes that ‘there is no better job in the world than playing a part in shaping young minds, developing their curiosity and love of learning.’

Mark qualified as a teacher in the UK and has previously taught both in the UK and abroad. He plays and coaches football, runs a Maths Activity, is a Level 2 Google Educator and has a keen interest in ‘all things technology’. He will be joined in Thailand by his wife and two young children. 

Samantha Rigg

Samantha Rigg (British)

Year 1 Class Teacher

Samantha has enjoyed a range of teaching experiences. Her career began at a UK Primary School in the countryside where she taught mixed age groups, after which she moved to a private London Prep School as a Year 1 and Year 2 class teacher. She is currently a Year 2 class teacher in a British International School in Rome, Italy. She strongly believes that school should be “a friendly and positive place where children are able to grow and learn, socially, emotionally and academically.”


Previous employers describe her as “an enthusiastic and motivated Class teacher, who has nurtured and inspired her class”, and who “values each and every child in her class, very much encouraging their individual contributions.”


Samantha has led staff training on Phonics, and has been a mentor to newly-qualified teachers. She enjoys painting and sewing, and has run Activities on Creative Writing and Healthy Eating/Baking. She is able to support several school sports and is herself a long-distance runner and climber. She joins us in September 2018 as a Year 1 teacher.

Stacey Fitzpatrick 02

Stacy Fitzpatrick (British)

Year 2 Class Teacher

For the past 8 years, Stacey has been working in Kuwait, and is currently a Year 2 teacher at the highly-regarded ‘English School’ which, like Rugby School Thailand, runs along UK prep school lines. Stacey is described as a ‘highly talented teacher’ and is rated as ‘outstanding’ in all areas.  She prides herself on ‘creating and successfully managing a caring and supportive learning environment through building strong relationships with pupils and parents, one where pupils are not afraid to take risks or challenge themselves.’

Stacey also enjoys playing an active role in co-curricular activities, especially in drama and dramatic poetry, and has co-directed school Musicals. She has a PGCE (with Merit) from the University of Nottingham, and is excited to be joining Rugby School Thailand as a Year 2 teacher.

Chris Sizer 02

Christopher Sizer (British)

Year 2 Class Teacher

Chris Sizer joined us in September 2017 with his wife-to-be, Carly Pepper (Nursery teacher). He has already demonstrated his significant qualities as a teacher on the occasions that he stepped in to cover and assist in RST classes from Reception to Year 3. He has quickly developed a rapport with the children and, allied with high expectations, has an instinctive appreciation of their educational needs.

Chris has a Bachelor of Education degree from the UK, and spent 5 years at the Gulf English School in Qatar where he gained invaluable experience teaching EAL pupils. His talents as an were much appreciated by the Qatar parents, who regularly requested to have their children in his class. 

Chris is passionate about the theatre, and looks to incorporate drama into his lessons to help reinforce learning. He is also a keen sportsman and, as we have already observed on many occasions, a talented and enthusiastic sports coach.

Craig Wood

Craig Wood (British)

Head of Aquatics

Craig joins us from the Isle of Arran in the UK, where in 5 years he has played a major role in transforming swimming and triathlon from basic programs to one of the top competitive clubs in the country. Within that time the very first government funded School of Sport at Arran High School has been established – a first in Europe – largely as a result of Craig’s efforts as Head Coach to push for excellence within the 3 disciplines (Swim/Bike/Run). Craig founded the hugely popular Island-2-Island event, which attracts open water swimmers and triathletes from all over the country.

Craig is a UKCC LEvel 2 Coach in both triathlon and swimming, as well as a UKCC Level 2 swim Teacher. He has coached children from as young as 8 to national titles, all the way up to Great Britain age group, European and World qualifications. Craig’s passion for sport does not just extend to coaching: originally from a rugby and swimming background, he is also keen and competitive triathlete himself, qualifying for multiple age group teams for Great Britain. In his first step up to the Ironman distance, he qualified for the World Championships this year.

Craig writes: “I’m really looking forward to developing one of the very best training and performance programmes at RST and believe the school has everything required to make this happen.”

Craig will be moving over to Thailand with his wife and two daughters. Both daughters also compete in all 3 triathlon sports.

Picture of Nathalie Winters 1

Nathalie Winters (Dutch)

School Counsellor

Nathalie has had nearly 30 years of experience as a school counsellor, psychologist, psychotherapist and a teacher. She has MSc in Psychology, MA in English Language and Literature and an International MBA. She started her career teaching English and Literature.

Having gained experience in the educational field, she moved to school counselling and school psychology. Nathalie loves working with children and young people and is passionate about making a difference in the lives of the pupils. She is a result-oriented, dedicated, reliable and highly motivated professional.

Having worked as a school counsellor and psychologist with international students in The United States, The Netherlands, UK, Spain, Russia and Thailand, Nathalie has developed her own methodology and offers a tailor-made solution for each individual case using her extensive knowledge of cognitive and behavioral therapy, positive psychology, psychoanalysis and hypnotherapy. The students trust her approach and her working style. They appreciate her understanding, empathy and friendly demeanor. Being trilingual: English, Dutch and Russian, Nathalie can work with lots of pupils in their native language.

Nathalie finds Rugby School an outstanding international school in Thailand and is exited to play a role in in the personal growth and development of the pupils.


Her daughter joined Pre-Nursery in September of 2018.