Spotlight on… A Senior Business Studies Project

By Lynne Ukrit, F Block

Can you tell us about the Project?

“Mrs Rees set us a project to design and pitch a new product. My group designed our own breakfast cereal, which is aimed at the Rugby School Thailand community as its target market – all the way from Pre-Prep through to the Senior School. 

Our breakfast cereal, “Tropic Bites”, is a fruit cereal that contains various dried Thai fruits – such as durian, mangosteen and mango – creating unique new flavours that have never been seen before.”

Tell us about the process?

“First of all, we did the relevant market research. This included looking at the wants and needs of our target market, and the types of breakfast our target market (and Thailand as a country) consumes. Then we created the packaging design and came up with a pricing method (in this case, using cost-plus pricing) for our product and its variants.

After that, we discussed the methods of advertisement. We decided to use leaflets, posters and videos to advertise our product in various ways that would interest as many people as possible. 


Finally, we considered the further steps of our product, such as the distribution channels, sales promotion, and extension strategies.

What were the results?

We produced a slideshow presentation with all of our work on it, to present to Mrs Rees. This included the statistics of our market research, mock-ups of the advertising (posters, leaflets, and videos) and the pricing methods. We also produced a script with additional sales information, which is not included in the PowerPoint pitch.

Mrs Rees, what did you think about the way Lynne and her group approached this project?

“I thought that Lynne, Pann and Peam demonstrated all the markings of a true business student: creativity, perseverance and hard work. This project was designed to allow students to explore a variety of different business concepts and demonstrate their understanding through their product design. I was particularly impressed by the creative elements to the project such as their cereal advert, and could not be prouder of the work they created”

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