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Rugby UK Exchange | Thai Language

Rugby UK Exchange | Thai Language
  • Whole School

"Sawasdee kha / Khrab". This greeting echoed warmly from our Rugby UK students on Monday afternoon, marking the beginning of their cultural immersion in Thailand. Their excitement and enthusiasm were palpable as they embarked on their first Thai lesson.

During the lesson, students delved into the intricacies of Thai greetings, customs, etiquette, the Thai anthem, currency, and the taste of fruits. They quickly picked up the traditional greeting, "Sawasdee kha / Khrab" and learnt "Thao Rai" ("how much?") which they practiced with each other and the locals.

One of the highlights of the lesson was the tasting of our Eco Garden 'RSTea', a delightful blend of natural tea that gave them a refreshing taste of our organic produce. 

The excitement didn't end in the classroom. The students embarked on an excursion to Wanasin Market, which turned out to be both fun and educational! This bustling market offered them a chance to practice using Thai language, Thai currency and explore an array of local fruits, vegetables, and dishes. The experience was made even more memorable with the purchase of traditional Thai elephant trousers, a firm favourite among our RST students.

The visit to the market provided a real-world application of their newfound knowledge. Interacting with vendors, trying out their Thai phrases, and bargaining for goods gave them a deeper understanding of Thai culture and day-to-day life. It was a fantastic opportunity for the students to immerse themselves fully in the local environment, making memories that will last a lifetime.

This first lesson was not just about learning the Thai language; it was a gateway into the heart of Thai culture. The students left with broadened horizons, enriched with knowledge and experiences that textbooks alone could never provide.

Article written by Pakanatt Thadruk (Kru Natt), Thai Principal at Rugby School Thailand