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100% Success for Medicine/Dentistry

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  • Senior School

We are thrilled to announce that, since opening our doors to Sixth Form students in 2018, every single one of our XX (Year 13) students at Rugby School Thailand has received offers for their chosen medical and dentistry courses. Our impressive 100% success rate highlights the pride we take in nurturing our students for success through a holistic approach to education.

Our commitment to academic excellence, combined with personalised support and guidance on the application, interview, and portfolio processes, has paved the way for our students to secure coveted positions in some of the most prestigious medical and dentistry programmes. Here's how we prepare our students for their future in the medical field.

Academic Excellence:

Rigorous academic programmes ensure that our students are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for their chosen pathways.

Individual Support and Guidance:

Our dedicated team provides personalised support throughout the application process, ensuring that each student's unique qualities shine through.

Internship and Volunteering Opportunities:

Practical experience is a key component of our approach, offering students valuable insights and skills through internships, volunteering and enrichment opportunities.

“I had 4 different medical experiences before medical school… at the Suranaree University Teaching Hospital where I was given a tour of the wards, ..the Sung Noen hospital where I got to see the reality of the rural hospitals and how patients have to wait for hours on end for medical care. The other two were volunteering stints at Operation Smile and also the Dulhabatorn Foundation for the disabled.” Ohm, RST alumnus and first-year medical student at Mahidol Siriraj

Med Soc:

Our exclusive "Med Soc" activity is tailored for future medics, providing targeted assistance with medical admissions tests and free access to the Medic Portal MedSoc online resources.

“During one of the Medsoc activities, the Higher Education team, Head of Science and Thai Principal held a mock interview session, where they helped us understand what to expect and prepare for in the interviews by replicating the different stations and questions they might ask us in the Multiple Medical Interview (MMI). I am really grateful for their help and for this session, as it helped me identify which areas I needed to improve on and also gave me an idea of the type of pressure we might get from interviewers.” Nicki, Head Girl 2023-24

Tips from future medics on successful medical applications

“Try to do lots of different activities, especially the ones that you are passionate about. I think most universities want a well-rounded person who does a range of activities outside of classrooms and someone who has passions for things other than just their academics.” Nicki

“Do a lot of extracurricular activities and work experience for your portfolio/personal statement. You could always cut the ones that are less relevant out. Stay organised and focus on one thing at a time. It’s easy to get very overwhelmed because you have a lot to do.” Lily (Service Levee 2023-24)


Student advice on creating your portfolio

"When you are describing your activities, try and focus on what you have learned and what skills you have gained. Be reflective and, if you can, try to link what you have learned to how you can use and adapt the skills to be a successful medical school student and a good doctor."

“Some universities have limited pages or a specific format they want you to follow, so you might not be able to fit all your activities. Choose the activities that most represent you!"

“Find activities that make you stand out. I think that everyone applying to medicine would have gone to medical camps/workshops. Try other camps that might not directly relate to medicine e.g materials science camp. It would make you stand out if you could link it to medicine."

"Link your experiences to the skills needed as a doctor. e.g communication, collaboration etc."

"For each activity, try to explain why you decided to do it (inspiration) then what skills you gained/realisation." 

"Look at people’s portfolios from earlier years, so you know the style/format that each university is looking for.”

"Make sure that the activities you do cover: service, research, academic competitions, work experience, leadership."

“When you feel tired or lost during your application process don’t forget why you started!” 


Preparing for Success

At Rugby School Thailand, we don't just educate; we prepare you for success on your chosen future pathway, whatever and wherever that may be.

We are delighted to share some of our recent student successes with offers from renowned institutions, such as Thammasat CICM, PSCM, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology, and Mahidol Siriraj.

“RST prepared me socially for my life ahead at university. The school encouraged me to appreciate and grasp opportunities, as well as prepare me academically…I received mock interviews, alongside help in developing my portfolio through activities and competitions hosted by RST. Staff are always on hand to help.” Ohm