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Kick Start Programme (June 2024)

Kick Start Programme (June 2024)
  • Senior School

Last week, Rugby School Thailand's LXX students embarked on a productive and enlightening journey through the two-day Kick Start programme. Designed to equip them for their upcoming university applications in their XX year, this programme seamlessly integrates with the comprehensive Whole Me initiative, enhancing the students' preparedness for higher education.

During the Kick Start programme, students engaged in a variety of informative and interactive sessions. These included supra-curricular activities and workshops aimed at honing academic research skills. The programme featured external speakers from renowned institutions such as the University of Warwick (UK), Linfield University (US), York University (Canada), Austrade, and One Education (Australia). These experts provided valuable insights into studying in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and Thailand, offering students a global perspective on higher education options and how to craft a compelling application.

Students made significant progress in their university research, developing personal statements and essays, creating portfolios, and refining their CVs. One of the highlights of the programme was a captivating session on Culture Shock and preparing for life after Sixth Form, delivered by Mr. McAvoy-Edwards. This session was particularly impactful, providing students with practical advice on adapting to new environments and managing the transitions they will face.

We were delighted to welcome back RST alumni and graduating XX students to participate in an “Ask an RST Alumni” panel session. LXX students listened intently as they shared their experiences of the university application process, the transition to university life and what they could expect following their graduation from RST.

The Kick Start programme underscores Rugby School Thailand's commitment to higher education and career support. By focusing on finding the right fit for each student, we strive to help them reach their true potential and achieve their academic and career aspirations. LXX students will be leaving for their Summer break with clear action plans, ready to start their university applications early in their XX year.

Mr Duncan, Head of Year for LXX commented: “The Kickstart initiative, along with our ongoing support and guidance, ensures that our students are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of global university applications and thrive in their future endeavours.”

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Article written by Claire Cecil, Head of Higher Education & Careers at Rugby School Thailand