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D Block Transition Event

D Block Transition Event
  • Senior School


D Block students experienced an insightful two-day transition programme designed to introduce them to life in the Sixth Form. The carefully structured schedule aimed to provide them with a comprehensive overview of the academic and extracurricular opportunities to follow.

Students participated in A Level taster lessons, which gave them a preview of the subjects they have chosen to pursue. They also attended sessions on Sixth Form Independent Study and Leadership, focusing on agency and empowerment. These sessions were instrumental in highlighting the increased responsibilities and freedoms that come with being a Sixth Form student.

A significant highlight of the programme was the introduction of Rugby School Thailand's new partnership with Oppidan Education. Both parents and students were excited to learn that Oppidan will provide valuable mentoring training to Sixth Form students, supporting them in their academic and personal growth. Additionally, the event featured interactions with current student leaders, who shared their experiences and insights about Sixth Form life. 

The importance of Supra Curricular activities was emphasised, encouraging students to explore their subjects beyond the standard curriculum. Engaging in these activities is particularly crucial for those aiming to apply to highly competitive global universities, as it demonstrates a deep passion and commitment to their chosen fields.

Among the various group activities designed to test students' skills and teamwork abilities, the "human knot" stood out as a highlight. This fun and challenging exercise fostered cooperation and problem-solving skills, along with much laughter and photo opportunities.

One of the most valuable sessions was "What I Wish I'd Known," where current Levée shared their experiences and offered top tips for success in the Sixth Form. This provided incoming students with practical advice and reassurance as they prepare for this new chapter.

Mrs. Pearce, who will be the new Head of Year for LXX students in 2024-25, stated, "We are delighted to welcome you into the Sixth Form. I am confident that you will rise to the challenge of demanding A Level study and look forward to working with you on skills development through our bespoke pastoral curriculum."

Overall, the transition programme was a resounding success, equipping D Block students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to embark on their Sixth Form journey.

Introduction to Sixth Form Parent Session (D-Block Transition - 10th June)

Oppidan Education x Rugby School Thailand Mentoring Collaboration 

Article written by Claire Cecil, Head of Higher Education & Careers at Rugby School Thailand