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Careers | 21st Century Skills

Kick Start 2024
  • Senior School

Our inaugural Careers for 21st Century event brought together current D Block and LXX students as they prepare to enter the new Sixth Form for the 2024-2025 academic year. The event focused on the review and development of specific skills and competencies.

Building on the foundation set by our Whole Me programme, students engaged in activities designed to highlight the importance of key skills essential for success in Sixth Form, university, and future careers. In today’s rapidly evolving job market, roles that didn't exist a decade ago are now commonplace. This underscores the increasing relevance of transferable skills over specific degree titles.

Using 21st Century Skills and the Entrepreneurial Toolkit

Students participated in an innovative design thinking exercise, which encouraged them to collaborate, reflect upon, and showcase their skills. Mixed-year group teams worked on this exercise to develop innovative solutions to identified problems, aiming for a positive impact on the school or wider community.

Creative Pitches and Practical Solutions

The teams delved into the design thinking process, developing innovative pitches that they presented and defended before a panel of judges. This panel included RST Senior Management and Mr. Calle Torén, Vice President of Finance and Strategy from Hult Business School. The judges were thoroughly impressed by the students’ initiatives. 

Winning Project Pitch: Afterschool Activities Initiative

The winning project stood out with its proposal for a student-led suite of afterschool activities aimed at boosting participation and engagement. The judges praised the feasibility of this initiative and its potential positive impact on the school community. They highlighted how it not only benefits the participants but also helps the students leading the activities to develop crucial skills.

Looking Forward

This event marks a significant step in preparing our students for their future careers by fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and practical problem-solving. We look forward to seeing these budding ideas develop and to continue supporting our students as they navigate their educational and professional journeys.

We would like to thank Hult Business School for their participation in the event.

Article written by Claire Cecil, Head of Higher Education & Careers at Rugby School Thailand