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The Sixth Form day runs from 8am until 5:50pm and is split into two distinct parts: academic lessons from 8:20am until 3pm, followed by activities, enrichment and prep (homework) from 3pm until 5:50pm.

The aim of Rugby School Thailand Sixth Form is not just to get our students into the best universities in the world, but for them to excel once they are there. The Sixth Form curriculum is consequently broad and designed to encourage independence of thought and leadership. We focus on producing rounded individuals with a range of interests and the ability to learn for themselves. We want our students to lead fulfilled and happy lives.

There are many different components to our Sixth Form experience, and these are brought together by tutors, who provide two mentoring sessions each week. One section focuses solely on academic issues, the other on service and softer skill development.   


While we take a holistic approach to education, academic concerns remain at the heart of our Sixth Form.  Rugby School Thailand is an A Level school with students choosing between 3 and 5 A Levels in their first year.

Most students revert to 3 A Levels in their second year with some keeping 4. A Levels are a globally recognized qualification that provide exceptional depth of study and an excellent preparation for university.

The A Level system allows students to drop the subjects they no longer wish to pursue; qualifications are shaped around the ambitions of the students. We also provide a full IELTS and SAT program. English as an additional language support is available as needed. Class sizes are small, and the staff are exceptional.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Many of our students will complete the extended project qualification (EPQ) worth half an A Level. This is an independent piece of work chosen by the student. It allows students to further their own interests and could be presented as a written piece of work, performance, video or anything else the student chooses. The assessment is coursework based and includes a presentation. This allows students to work in a way that will help prepare them for university.

A Level choices

Mathematics, Further Mathematics, English Literature, Politics, Eco-nomics, Business, Spanish, Mandarin, French, Music, Psychology, Art, Drama, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Design and Technology, Computer Science, Geography, History and Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Please refer to the curriculum brochure for more detail.


Each Sixth Form student must complete at least 1 hour of service each week during term time, although most do much more. To achieve this, we have developed an innovative Community Action Program (CAP). Sixth Form students can be responsible for leadership programs lower down the school. We have partnered with Wat Koh school in Rayong to help them develop as a ‘Bamboo’ school (schools based on community development), and we are proud to be the first international school to form such a close partnership.

Examples of service

Run a social enterprise and gain business skills – our students run many different social enterprises, businesses that use their profits to help fund local charities. These have included a Halloween disco and fun run.

Lead the Charity committee – the charity committee of students from all year groups decides what charitable actions will take place. In the first term of the school’s existence, they organised events that raised THB 250,000. They met with the school government of the ‘bamboo’ school and have set up a significant partnership.

Teaching younger children – some students have been helping younger children to read, improve their mathematics and learn Chinese.

There are also opportunities to run an eco-farm as a social enterprise, teach English to the community at Wat Koh school and organise sports tournaments. Students are actively encouraged to display independence, originate and arrange their own service. Each student has a mentoring session every week to discuss their service, including how they can develop their own programme.


Every Sixth Form student, as in the rest of school, undertakes activities. These are wide-ranging and cater for a broad array of interests. There are currently over 30 activities from which to choose. Please see the activities brochure for more details.

One of our most popular activities for Sixth Form is The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (DoE). This is a highly regarded award that requires students to complete 1 hour a week of voluntary service, learn a skill, undertake physical exercise and conduct an adventurous journey. As our students enjoy doing all these things (and more), it makes sense for them to gain the award!

Adventurous Journey

The Sixth Form students have recently returned from Borneo where they completed their DofE adventurous journey. They planned a trek through the jungle overseen by Ability Expeditions, that included first aid training, whitewater rafting, personal development, and team-building exercises. Students had the opportunity to lead and work independently.

Careers Programme

The careers programme is very much led by the specialist Sixth Form tutor team. Each tutor currently has a maximum of 5 tutees and is consequently able to provide detailed and bespoke advice. This is accompanied by visits to careers fairs and universities. We can prepare students for university applications in any country.

In our current cohort, we are looking at potential applications to England, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Each student will receive detailed advice on each application. We also have an active Oxbridge programme and that will be supplemented with medicine and other programmes as needed. As well as preparing students for entry into university, we also prepare them for life as a student, offering a full programme from learning to cook (healthily) in our home economics lab, budgeting and thinking about how to balance social and work commitments at university.

The majority of our careers program is looking at the future beyond university, or in exceptional cases, instead of university. We may be judged on our university destinations, but we judge ourselves on the progress alumni make in their careers and lives generally. Each student will undertake a period of meaningful work experience usually during the summer break between LXX (year 12) and XX (year 13). We teach students how to write letters of application, make follow up calls and interview skills as well as ensuring students can negotiate good quality experience.

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)

Each week Sixth Form students have one 40 minute session plus a 20-minute tutorial and in alternate weeks a 20-minute assembly to explore issues that may affect them in their lives. This includes finance, eating healthily, substance abuse, online safety and current affairs. These sessions are largely student-led and provide a platform for debate and public speaking.

Entry requirements

To gain entry to the Sixth Form at Rugby School Thailand students must show an academic aptitude and the ability to study at least 3 A-levels to conclusion. Whilst EAL support is available, students must be sufficiently proficient in English to meet this academic requirement. For most, A Level courses students must have achieved at least a B grade at GCSE or equivalent in that subject (see course brochure for more details). As a general guide, students must have achieved at least 5 (i)GCSE’s grade C/4 or above including Mathematics and English.

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Scholarships may be available for exceptional students in academia, music, and sport.

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