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Pastoral Care

Senior Pastoral Care

It is our aim for the quality of our Pastoral Care to be apparent in the smiles and sounds of busy children enjoying their day.

Good Pastoral Care comes from the staff caring about all the children. We strive to get to know and understand each child, building strong relationships with them. Our tutor-based approach means that teachers have a first point of contact should there be a concern for a student. This also means parents can go to the tutor with any concerns they may have, and get a quick response to help resolve the issue.

Students are encouraged to talk to any member of staff about a worry they might have. This might be their Tutor, or their House Dean, but could be any member of staff, or the school counsellor. The links back to the Tutor ensure that any issues are discussed and resolved as soon as possible.

Another way we look to enhance the teacher-student dynamic is by staff sitting with their own tutees and other students in the Dining Hall to engage in conversation with them; this not only gives them an opportunity to connect in a social environment, but to encourage the good manners that are so vital throughout life.

In a recent exchange over lunch, a new student was asked what he was particularly liking about Rugby School Thailand and he replied that he like the way “here teachers care about the pupils – not only in the classroom but around school”. Pastoral Care and academic success are one and the same thing. Our staff’s nurturing source of counsel leads to happier pupils, and happier learners.