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Senior Drama

Creativity is a much sought after quality, recognised by the FTSE 100 as the uppermost desirable skill by employers. In Senior School drama, students will have the opportunity to experiment with and develop this skill, as they explore a wide range of theatre styles, companies and practitioners. In addition, both IGCSE and A-Level students have the option to develop their core acting technique or to pursue production design elements, including lighting, sound, costume and set design/construction. Beyond this, drama enables students to develop a host of other skills, such as teamwork, communication, leadership and confidence.

As students learn to realise a role and interpret a play text, they hone vital skills in close-reading and textual analysis that are necessary to succeed in a variety of other essay based subjects, such as English literature. Pupils also develop their ability to express their ideas clearly and coherently as they establish the necessary skills to undertake the written elements of the course.

The world of media is expanding at a rapid rate. Many students elect to study drama at university and there are an increasing number of subjects which which drama can be combined. And with its breadth of skills, including highly developed people skills, the career opportunities from drama extend far beyond traditional ideas of where this subject leads you. However, should a student choose to pursue their interest in pure Drama, there are many specialist institutions in which to do this and we are here to guide them as needed.