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Senior Co-Curricular

In the Senior School our co-curricular provision nurtures and maintains a lifelong love of learning in our students. We aim to create co-curricular opportunities that are exciting, challenging and that meet the needs of our varied learners on their journey from F block to Lower XX.

The co-curricular programme not only includes enhanced school day, but a weekend enrichment programme, too. The enhanced school day occurs from 3pm to 5.50pm daily and involves prep time, community action initiatives and a plethora of activities from academic to performing arts, sports and much more. We believe our programme provides unique opportunities to:

  • Extend pupils knowledge and understanding of concepts in a variety of activities and contexts.
  • Work towards an individual or team goal.
  • Develop enjoyment for lifelong learning beyond the normal school day.
  • Promote confidence to try new and challenging concepts and skills.
  • Allow for enjoyment through the social nature of activities.
  • Establish contacts and shared interests with other schools and clubs within the local and international community.

Meanwhile, our Saturday enrichment programme is aimed at adding value to a pupil’s weekend and will involve a combination of academic outreach and sports. Our ‘weekends without walls’ are where we aim for learning to be in new and exciting environments beyond the school walls, allowing our pupils to experience learning in the country, culture and environment in which they live.

Senior co-curricular activities