Senior School

The senior will again draw from the best of the UK National Curriculum, augmented by the very special pioneering programme of learning devised at Rugby School UK. High expectations will be set and a love of learning developed. Rugby School Thailand will offer IGCSE at 16 and A level at 18, and intends to add the IB as the school matures. Rugby School UK, incidentally, has just gained outstanding results at both GCSE and A level.

We have already engaged outstanding teachers in our Pre-Prep and Prep schools. Drawn from some of the UK’s most renowned schools, each has a passion for their subject area and a determination to nurture learning and critical thinking in our pupils.

We have assembled a team of specialist teachers in the Senior School from around the world. They will be recognised as remarkable educators.

Learning and teaching in the Senior School focuses on academic excellence as one pillar of a great education. They also foster critical thought and resilience in our young men and women that will equip them to brook the challenges that await them after school.

Our teaching team is led by the Deputy Head – Academic whose focus will be to demand innovation, reflective practice, collaboration, and rigour from staff and pupils. We want to develop an adept community of learners, global citizens whose restless desire for deeper understanding will ensure their success in life.


We have adopted the nomenclature of Rugby School, so our Senior School year groups are known as F Block (Year 9), E Block (Year 10), D Block (Year 11), Lower XX (Year 12), and Upper XX (Year 13)

The F Block (Year 9) curriculum is designed at engaging our pupils in a broad and rigorous academic experience, offering intellectually challenging and demanding material in all of their subjects. Pupils will have the opportunity to find and develop their academic passions. We want them to begin the process of developing the dispositions necessary for them to become empowered and autonomous. Our goal is that these will include a persistently reflective habit, the disposition to think creatively and critically as well as resilience and resourcefulness in the face of challenge and failure.

All pupils in F Block study English, Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), History, Geography, Philosophy, Art, Design and Technology, Drama and PSHE. Additionally, they will have a weekly tutor period. They must choose a Modern Foreign Language: Spanish, French, or Chinese. They must also choose a further two options.

In the E and D Blocks (Years 10 and 11), pupils study a core curriculum of English, Science (Triple Award), at least one Modern Foreign Language, either History or Geography, and two other elective subjects.

In the Sixth Form (known as Lower XX and XX), pupils will typically choose four subjects to study at A-Level.

The Senior School opened its doors in September 2018.