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Pastoral Care

At Rugby School Thailand, we believe that pastoral care and academic success are one and the same thing. The right support from the school staff makes for happier children and happier learners.

Drawing from centuries of successful pastoral heritage, we understand that good pastoral care comes from genuine care and understanding. Our school staff strive to get to know and understand each of our children, building trust and nurturing our relationships with them. One of the ways we achieve this is by sitting with our children during lunchtime. We talk, connect in an everyday situation and guide our children on basic manners. During a meal, our staff asked one of our new pupils about what he particularly likes about Rugby School Thailand. He replied that ‘here, teachers care about the pupils — not only in the classroom but around school.’

Each child has a tutor, and can choose to talk to any of our school staff, including their House Parent, their teacher or the school counsellor. Our tutor-based approach means that our teachers have a first point of contact should a concern involve a child. It also means parents can go to the tutor with any concerns they may have and quickly work together to find the right solution.


We have dedicated wellbeing task groups who work with the safeguarding leads to ensure the wellbeing of students throughout the School, with early intervention and comprehensive systems in place if there is ever a wellbeing concern.

It is our aim that our quality of pastoral care shows in the smiles and sounds of each child enjoying their day, and that our children leave Rugby School Thailand as capable, well-rounded young adults who lead a happy, fulfilling life.

Our education develops the whole person. That’s the whole point.

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