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House System

Group of boys on the field

The House System at Rugby School Thailand is a cornerstone of our close-knit community that embodies our ethos of "The Whole Person, The Whole Point."

In Senior school, the Houses – Rupert Brooke, School House, Southfield, Sheriff, Town House, and Tudor – are intricately linked to Rugby School UK, fostering a sense of tradition and belonging. Likewise, in the Prep school, the Houses – Arnold, Beauclerc, Hardy, and Webb Ellis – continue this legacy. This system encapsulates our commitment to holistic education, where camaraderie and spirited competition blend seamlessly to create a nurturing environment for personal growth and development.

Throughout the year, students actively collect tries and participate in a variety of competitions. These activities not only encourage collaboration, communication, and resilience but also promote a globally-minded perspective by celebrating diverse interests.

Participation in student-led events, sporting tournaments, and leadership roles within their Houses, enables our students to adapt and thrive in various contexts. This prepares them for real-world challenges, instilling qualities that extend far beyond their school years.

The House System is a testament to our commitment to developing well-rounded individuals. It's an integral part of our vibrant school community that embraces heritage, promotes growth, and fosters lasting connections.

Girls on the grass field, hold big flag
Senior boys play tug a war on It's a knock out event
Girls running on the field on Senior House Sports Day
Rupert Brooke group in House Music competition
Sheriff House singing in House Music competition
Prep House Captains informal post
Boys and girls on stage for general knowledge House competition
Beauclerc House received certificates in general knowledge competition
Southfield house girls group
Senior boys play basketball at WEC
Two girls with a ball on the filed on It's a Knock Out Senior event
two boys play football on the field in Senior Inter House Football event
Girls playing football on the field on Senior Inter House Football final event
Girls playing rugby on the field
Prep Boys House running - Cross Country
Students on relay races
Boys play rugby on the field
Girls play football
Two boys play table tennis
Boys play football on the field

House events encourage collaboration, communication and a globally-minded perspective by celebrating diverse interests.