Introduction of RST Health Centre

Rugby School Thailand aims to provide all students with all medical conditions, the same opportunities as others at the school. The Health Centre will help to ensure that all children:

Stay Healthy


Stay Safe


Enjoy and achieve


Make a positive contribution


Achieve personal well-being

The Health Centre aims to support the health and wellbeing needs of every pupil, allowing them to achieve their full potential in all aspects of school life. In partnership with school, families and communities, the Health Centre will provide health education, promotion, and medical services according to the complex personal, physical, social, and emotional needs of each pupil.

Working Hours:

  • Ms. Joy Melisande Balcita, RN, MAN, PhD- NeD, Head of Health Centre
  • Mrs. Luckana (Jon) Rowe, RN, Prep School Nurse
  • Ms. Napasorn (Koy) Krob-udom, RN, Pre-Prep School Nurse
  • Mrs Penelope Dunn, Day Matron, NZRN, Day Matron

Health Centre staff will provide the following service:

  • Non-emergency services, physical assessment, first aid, primary medical care, pupil medication administration, counseling and advice for general illness and minor injuries.
  • Emergency services requiring medical treatment or intervention.
  • Observation/resting in the Health Centre
  • Referral service for advanced treatment
  • Providing first aid cover for school sports events, such as sports days, swimming gala and making appropriate arrangements.
  • Health Centre staff have a responsibility to be involved in monitoring student vaccination programmes according to the national vaccine regime and also give advice to parents or guardians accordingly.
  • Head lice checking
  • Body temperature checks for all students in the morning as required as a screening method.
  • Monitoring of environmental and sanitation conditions.
  • Coordinate basic First Aid and CPR training program for staff and teachers.
  • Provide information and education to promote good health for pupils and staff.
  • Health education for staff that leads to healthy role modelling for pupils.
  • Provide health services that comply with permission given in the RST Medical Form and in accordance with the Health Centre staff’s professional judgement.
  • Personal hygiene care.
  • Maintain family and community partnership that supports pupils’ health and academic achievement.
  • Support injured pupils and staff to promote good recovery and prevent complications.
  • Provide medical equipment for injured pupils and staff as required, in order to promote good recovery and prevent complications.

Health Centre Location


Ground Floor Oval Prep


Ground Floor Veraphan Building


Ground Floor Webb Ellis Centre

Boarding House Location

Marshall House

Rupert Brooke

School House

Our education develops the whole person. That’s the whole point.

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