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A boy on the obstacle course

Step into a world of enriching experiences, meticulously designed to fuel the growth and development of your child. 

Our award-winning Enrichment programme embodies the School ethos, The Whole Person, The Whole Point,  by providing a rich tapestry of activities that not only fuel the personal growth and development of individuals, but also drive a zest for lifelong learning. 

Our enriching experiences

Students are sailing in the lake
Girls in swimming pool launching the backstroke
People at bon fire
A girl on the obstacle course
A boy doing archery
Boys play rugby on the field
A girl plays guitar
Students play drums
Girls in pink ballet dresses are dancing with ribbons on their hands
Students and a teacher stretching on the mats
A boy cutting wood in DT studios
Two students eat mulberry at the garden
A boy plays guitar with another boy plays drum
Girls are playing basketball in the FOBISIA event
A boy and a girl dances in the dance studio with a teacher behind
Group of students acting on the stage
Students on relay races
Students play frisbee on the field
Girls play rugby on the field
A boy throwing a ball
Students in the garden drinking tea
Two boys play chess in the living room
Girls doing art
A boys doing javelin
Three boys play football
Girls play football
Two boys doing robotic
Boys doing robotic
A student plays music instrument
A girl is sketching
A student drawing
A student is painting
A girl plays violin in front of audience
Students play basketball
Students play volleyball
A boy at the wood ladder
A girl swims in the pool
A girl holds a headphone
Students at outdoor activities
Two boys play table tennis
Students in the tennis court
A girl plays tennis
A boy in tennis lesson
Girls walk on the field
People at bon fire

Enrichment gives students a world of possibilities where talents are honed, passions are ignited, and diverse pathways to achievement are celebrated.