School Life

Here at Rugby School Thailand, our days are fun and busy with learning, playing and growing. We learn both inside our purpose-built classrooms, laboratories, theatres and playgrounds as well as at our Outdoor Education Centre. Every day after school, our children immerse themselves in many creative activities and indulge themselves in the serene nature of our 80-acre campus


Our children of all age ranges discover their passions and develop holistic skills through a wide array of activities.

Enhanced Day

Our enhanced school day means our children can complete their homework and enjoy activities of their choice without wasting hours on the commute.


Our learning extends beyond the textbooks. We celebrate international days, learn design and technology skills, express ourselves through drama, music, craft and other creative activities.


Sports & Fitness

Our ‘whole person’ approach emphasizes well-being and physical exercise. Children play as a team and harbour the sporting spirit. They enjoy rugby, sailing, swimming, soccer, triathlons and more.


School Trips

We believe that experience is among the best teachers, and take our children on fun, eye-opening trips in both Thailand and abroad.


Pastoral Care

To create a safe and supportive environment, each of our children has a tutor, and is free to talk about any problems with any of our school staff.


Divisions & Houses

Our six houses are a fun and warm community where children across year groups enjoy team activities and make friendships that last long after they leave Rugby School Thailand.


Community Action

Our ‘whole person’ approach fosters responsibility towards the world our students live in. They organise knowledge sharing programmes and charity campaigns to help develop the local communities.


Outdoor Education Centre

Our children learn fun and practical skills such as fire making and water purifying while enjoying adventurous activities like ziplining and more.



See the week’s delicious, nutritious menus here.



We provide daily transport for children living in the Chonburi area, and weekly transport to and from Bangkok.


School Shop

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