General Scholarships – Academic, Art, Music, Sport

Entry Scholarships, for academic ability or talent in sport, art or music, are available for pupils entering RST in Year 3 and above. After assessment and reports, successful Scholarship candidates are graded as follows:

Gold Awards

  • for pupils of exceptional ability or talent,
  • to the value of up to 50% of the tuition fee, and
  • Special scholarship programme of tuition / coaching

Silver Awards

  • for pupils of high ability, talent or potential,
  • to the value of up to 15% of tuition fee, or
  • waiver of first term’s tuition fees, and
  • Special scholarship programme or tuition / coaching

Bronze Awards

  • for pupils of developing ability with significant potential,
  • Special scholarship programme or tuition / coaching 

Year 12 Foundation Scholarship

Foundation Year 12 Scholarships are available in 2018, the foundation year of our A Level programme.

To be eligible, students must have a strong academic record, and be able to add to our co-curricular programme either in the performing arts or sport.

The value of the award will be determined by the quality of the applicant, and remains at the discretion of the Head of Senior School.


Candidates who successfully attain an above average standard in our entry assessment may be eligible to apply for means-tested Bursary funding up to the value of 100% fees remission.

For further information regarding Scholarships and Bursaries, please contact our Admissions department (

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