Rugby Ethos and Network

The Rugby School Ethos

Rugby School Thailand will share Rugby School UK’s DNA in every important respect. It will be unique.
With the launch of the Pre-Prep and Prep Schools in 2017 and the Senior School in 2018, the ethos, the values, the traditions, the heritage will all play a vital role day in, day out.
This is of great importance to us, because we see a significant difference between a typical international school and what Rugby School has to offer.
Academic excellence lies at the heart of the Rugby School experience.

Sport, music, art and drama are all central to our curriculum and are in no way peripheral. Our broad range of co-curricular activities helps each child develop interests and enthusiasms that can last a lifetime.
But our traditional values of moral substance, fair play, compassion, consideration for others are what makes ‘the whole person’ and what makes us both different, and distinctive.

The Rugby School Network
Rugby School, now entering its 450th year, has one of the greatest, best established, international networks of alumni in the world. So, joining Rugby School Thailand is a much-valued passport for your child to a long-existing and close-knit group of people who share values and ambitions.