Residential Diary – Daniel (Year 6)

An account of the Year 6 residential to Rayong by Daniel Akhmed (6L).

This year, year 6 went on an residential trip to the Rayong chalet resort for 3 nights and 3½ days. All our activities were organised by the Wild Planet staff. Almost every evening there was a mini awards night where certificates were given to the funniest moments (‘Muppet Award’) for children and teachers and a certificate for just overall good attitude and resilience.


We arrived at the chalet resort and settled in. After that, we had our first activities; team games and snorkelling training which was challenging since some of us had never snorkelled before but we got the hang of it. Then, we had our first dorm challenge which was you needed to create some sort of game for the teachers to play. Next, half of us played a game called ‘Consequences’ where we all had a good laugh (even the teachers!); the other half played a hat game with Mrs Dawson and Mr Stoker. Then the awards were given out.


We went on a boat trip to ‘Turtle Island’ where we saw the turtle sanctuary and learnt lots about Thai sea turtles. For example, did you know there are 4 types of sea turtles in Thailand and one of them is the biggest species in the world? Soon after we ate lunch (on the boat ) we went snorkeling in the sea, where we saw colourful coral and fish. We had lots of fun searching for bright vibrant coral and big fishes. Some students bought their own waterproof cameras to remember their finds. Then we when back to the resort and got our next dorm challenge; to create or adapt a song, rap or dance. We had much fun creating our songs and performing them to Mrs Dawson! Finally before bed we had a big quiz about logos, emojis, basic knowledge and information of the sea turtles we learnt about earlier that day. Then we had the awards night for Wednesday.


We had a beach clean up and studied what sort of garbage is thrown into the sea. The Wild Planet crew use this information in their own research. We also found out lots of fun facts and became more aware of what we are doing to our world. Then, we had kayaking which was considered the most fun activity by many of my classmates and myself. We learnt how to use a kayak, stand in a kayak and even tip it to it’s proper side if you capsize. In the evening we had a movie night where we watched ‘The Legend Of Tarzan’.


Friday was our last day so we had one last activity to do which was ‘water bottle rocket’. You had to get an bottle and add fins or wing to make it fly better. We made it fly by adding water inside the bottle and pumping air into it which creates pressure so it flies in the air. We tested in how far it went and my team won. After, we head to the bus went back to the school.

We all enjoyed our trip and our thankful for: Mr Lindop, Mr Stoker, Mrs Dawson, Mr Jones and the Wild planet staff. 

Rugby School Thailand pupils kayaking through lily padsRugby School Thailand pupils kayaking

Rugby School Thailand pupils      Rugby School Thailand pupils doing a litter pick on the beach in Rayong

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