Programming in Computer Science

By John Blofeld-Watson

Here in Rugby School Thailand’s Senior School we offer rigorous Computer Science courses culminating in external examinations at IGCSE and A Level. Our Computer Science department is currently in the process of developing a website where students can easily find units of work, assignments and quizzes, perfect for this period of remote learning, but also for normal study in class. The department has created an excellent new resource within this, that will give students and introduction to a programming concept and tasks the student to find a solution. 


The job market for today’s young people is increasingly competitive. However, an area of employment with a vast array of opportunities is computer programming – whether it be medicine, aeronautic engineering, big data analysis, AI, the Internet of Things or the space industry. The list goes on and on.


Our Computer Science department has grown every year and we look forward to welcoming more and more students in the future!

RST's programming course

Here are some examples of the programming units our students will be working through in this new Computer Science module.

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