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Prep Maths

The mathematics department at Rugby School Thailand hopes to give children a life long appreciation of maths, and achieve the same rigorous academic expectations of a UK prep school.

We aim to give pupils a positive attitude towards maths and stimulate interest regardless of their natural fluency in the subject. By developing a sound understanding of mathematical concepts and processes, we give pupils the tools for  problem solving; we help them to recognize these in everyday situations, so they start solving real life problems. We give them the appropriate language for effective communication of mathematical ideas and experiences, across applications of mathmatics in technology, calculations and computing. We challenge pupils to achieve a level of accuracy and excellence appropriate to their stage of development, whilst always aiming to keep it enjoyable.

By the time pupils transition from Year 8 to Senior School they should have a strong foundation for starting their GCSE courses and be well prepared to sit the UK common entrance examinations.