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Prep Modern Languages

The Modern Languages department is formed of a very competent and resourceful team, who work closely together to create a harmonious, and exciting learning environment for the Prep School years at Rugby School Thailand.  Our vision is to ensure that every child enjoys their language lessons, feels supported and achieves their potential.

Our core languages are currently Thai, Mandarin and French or Spanish, but there are opportunities to study additional languages upon demand, such as German and Dutch. Regardless of the language, we delivery high quality lessons that facilitate language skills as well as cultural knowledge and understanding.

We prepare candidates for the Common Entrance examination papers (11+ and 13+), up to scholarship level, in listening, speaking, reading and writing of the target language. Teachers create effective strategies for individuals and their different learning styles, and by offering a variety of approaches to Teaching and Learning we’re able to engage and motivate pupils to develop cognitive awareness and to communicate effectively. This includes ICT, with iPad apps, specialist computer software, and a wide range of visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities.

Cultural awareness is recognised along the way, as we take part in events such as the international day, where we dress up and sing songs in different languages during the lessons.  We also take part in online international languages competitions, where our pupils achieve great results based on their efforts.  We are lucky to have such a varied mixed of nationalities, where we share and promote cultural awareness.

As author Frank Smith says,  “One language sets you in a corridor for life.  Two Languages open every door along the way.”