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Prep Geography

Geography is a fascinating subject and is relevant for us all on a daily basis. It enables us to better understand the world today, as the news talks about migration, the increasing occurrence of extreme weather, the fears of global warming, transport issues and the problems of pollution.  If pupils have a good understanding of geography, they are better able to appreciate the world in which they live, and their own role within it.

It is our aim to develop our pupil’s knowledge of geography, and inspire interest in what they are learning by demonstrating its relevance in their lives. We encourage active, inquisitive minds to ask questions about the world around them and seek answers, thinking independently and working in collaboration with others; listening carefully to others’ points, but also learning how to present their own thoughts in a positive and respectful way.

Our carefully devised programmes of study give pupil’s an excellent grounding in geographical knowledge, allowing them to have confidence as they look for evidence-based answers, and nurture a love for the subject as they continue their studies into Senior School.