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Prep English

The Prep School English curriculum at Rugby School Thailand is structured by a progressive set of themes that have been created with the school mantra of ‘the whole person, the whole point’ in mind. These themes are underpinned by the notion of growth, beginning with pupils’ exploration of themselves through a variety of forms of language and literature, and culminating in an exploration of cultural society and the wider world. We enable all children to develop and strengthen their basic skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening through this creative and thematic approach. We encourage both a love of reading and an appreciation of writing, whether descriptive, empathetic, argumentative or critical.

Designed as preparation for pupils’ further study at IGCSE and beyond, our thematic approach to English learning will provide pupils with the fundamental knowledge and skills outlined in the ISEB 13+ syllabus, coupled with the depth and rigour of the English National Curriculum. We study a wide range of texts and authors, including Morpurgo, Dahl, Boyne and Golding to name a few.