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Prep Design Technology

When learning is fun, children relax and gain more. Design Technology (DT) at Prep level is taught with emphasis on enjoying the exploration of form and function of products, in a hands–on way. We foster a platform for exploration without fear of failure and the opportunity to take risks.

The subject strives to equip the children of Rugby School Thailand with an appreciation of design and a desire to learn more. Children work towards the creation of products that are both functional and creatively interesting, such as lamps, clocks, games, jewellery, desktop organisers and smart torches. They are products that they feel proud of, and that drive confidence.

Pupils have the opportunity to explore traditional manufacture skills with hand tools, as well as modern manufacturing using laser and 3D printing. They will also gain experience of robotics and programming through the first Lego League initiative, world robotics ‘olympiad’ initiative and the teaching of the BBC MicroBit programmable chip.  

DT has scope to offer significant challenge to push the most able learners, prompting them to think about the context of their creations and the impact design decisions can have on the wider world, including how design influences society.