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Prep Drama

In the Prep School curriculum drama is founded upon storytelling. Using a variety of texts and stimuli from different cultures and periods, pupils explore a range of characters, themes and situations, enabling them to question and develop their sense of empathy and morality. Alongside this, students learn a range of Drama techniques and strategies that they use to enhance class performances. Through practical tasks, pupils also begin to develop a core set of drama skills in both acting and directing. The focus of these physical skills is on developing the connection between body and voice, ensuring that the pupils can express their ideas confidently and coherently.

In the Prep School, we believe that performance is an important part of every child’s creative development. However, it is the journey to a performance where the learning truly happens. Pupils collaborate, risk-take and appreciate the values of self-discipline and perseverance. By taking those first steps into the spotlight, they realise their individual potential and feel part of something special.

In addition to Drama Club, poetry competitions and class assemblies, pupils perform in a show every year. This year, Year 3 and 4 pupils will take the audience on a musical journey to Sun Castle, where wizards battle the ‘ice creatures’ in a desperate bid to stop eternal night, in a show called ‘Whiz Wham Alakazam’. Year 5 and 6 students’ physicality, energy and vocal talents will be tested in Disney’s The Lion King. Meanwhile, years 7 and 8 will be reimagining The Grimm Brothers’ fairytales with a wickedly warped version of the classics.