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Prep Co-Curricular

The Prep school alone offers over 70 activities a term, with everything from archery and bushcraft, to engineering, debating, spoken word poetry and sailing. Life at Rugby School Thailand extends well beyond the classroom, complimenting the school ethos of developing the ‘whole person’ at all times.

Our co-curricular programme is a key strength we have over other international schools in Thailand, as our broad range of activities enrich each child’s learning experiences. These activities are run by staff members, who promote their own particular passions and hobbies outside the classroom, as well as specialist instructors brought in to further develop our co-curricular programme.

The co-curricular activities programme includes an enhanced school day (optional for Years 3-4 but is included in the school day from Year 5 upwards) and a Saturday enrichment programme (optional for all).

Prep co-curricular activities