5 Tips for parents preparing to send their child to a boarding school

Sending your child to a boarding school like Rugby School Thailand is an amazing opportunity for them to experience an immersive international education based on a British curriculum that is both academically challenging and stimulating. It’s also a good way for your child to become more independent, develop social skills, and make lifelong friends. 


However, sending your child to boarding school can feel unsettling for you and your child. First-day jitters and homesickness are common challenges for any child moving to a boarding school.


How to prepare your child for boarding school


Preparing for boarding school can be daunting, but the sooner you make the necessary arrangements, the quicker your child can adjust to life in a new environment. Here are some boarding school tips and tricks to help your child settle in as quickly as possible.

Life in a boarding school will differ from what your child is used to at a regular school. Living in dorms with multicultural students, attending co-curricular activities, and getting familiar with a different curriculum can give your child culture shock. To avoid this, talk to them about the changes they will face in boarding school.

Adjusting to the first few days in boarding school will be challenging, but telling your child about the wonderful new opportunities and friendships that will be forged will make the thought of moving more positive in their mind. Encourage your child to open up about how they feel about going to a boarding school. This will allow you to understand what their fears and concerns are and, in turn, help you formulate a plan to help your child overcome their worries.

Knowing what your child should take to boarding school is an essential part of the planning process. Every school has its own policy on what your child can bring, but most boarding school dorm necessities include:

  • Clothes and uniform
    Besides your child’s everyday clothing, you also need to pack clothes for different weather extremes, such as rain or sun. If your child is into sports, pack the appropriate clothing and equipment they need to take part in sporting activities. Don’t forget about your child’s uniform as well. Coordinate with the school to ensure you’ve purchased the right number or sets and sizes.
  • Bedding
    Most boarding schools have beds and mattresses ready, but your child might have to bring their own beddings. This can also be a nice way to personalise your bedroom. You should pack at least two sets of bed sheets, pillows and a comforter. It’s also a good idea to pack an extra blanket in case the weather gets colder.
  • Hangers and laundry
    While Rugby School Thailand provides a laundry service with hangers, some boarding schools do not and you wouldn’t want your child’s clothes scattered all over the dorm room floor, so pack plenty of hangers. You should also pack a laundry bag, detergent and a rack for drying their clothes. Some schools may provide the items mentioned above, so check with the school administration first.
  • Toiletries
    Essential toiletries include towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes.
  • School supplies
    Stationeries, planners, pens, pencils and highlighters are just some of the school supplies your child will need during classes. Laptops and other devices can also help your child do their schoolwork.

Boarding schools like Rugby School Thailand help foster social skills and independence. Giving your child chores to do at home will teach them to be more self-reliant and responsible.  Have them make their bed every morning, make their own meals and do their laundry.

Schedule a campus visit prior to your child’s first day in boarding school to familiarize yourselves with the school’s general environment. Check the dorms and other facilities, and try to meet faculty members and other students and parents. This will give your child something to look forward to on their first day of school and ease those opening day jitters. Here at Rugby School Thailand, you can book a trial night at our boarding house so your child can experience firsthand what it’s like being in a boarding school.

No matter how well you prepare, there’s always a chance your child will feel homesick. To help them cope with this feeling, you can pack items that will remind them of the comforts of home. It could be something like their favorite blanket, family photos or favorite food. You can also set up regular Skype meetings so you can talk face to face.

Boarding school is a fascinating new world for your child, and by following the tips provided, you can make their transition to this new way of life smoother and easier. As a leading boarding school in Chonburi Pattaya, Rugby School Thailand will provide your child a home away from home where they can develop not only academically but also socially. Call us now if you want to learn more.

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