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Pre-Prep PE & Sport

Within the Pre-Prep, Physical Education (PE) is taught to pupils in Pre-Nursery through to Year 2 by specialist teachers. Our curriculum concentrates on developing the children’s fundamental movement skills, focusing on range of different jumping, hopping, running and balancing exercises. By developing their motor skills, balance and hand-eye coordination at a young age we find our pupils subsequently thrive in both team and individual sports as they advance into the Prep School. In addition to improving their physical health, the children also display increased levels of concentration and focus in the classroom, making PE a highly valued subject at Rugby School Thailand.

As the pupils progress through the Pre-Prep, the PE programme aims to develop the key skills and techniques required in the main sports offered in the Prep school; preparing the children for their transition into competitive fixtures in Year 3. In the Pre-Prep, we therefore focus not only on the correct movement skills, but additionally the teaching of good teamwork, sportsmanship and etiquette on the games field.

Overall, we believe that at this age, the primary focus for the children should be having fun, whilst developing foundations to participate safely in PE and sport that will encourage them to lead an active lifestyle in their future.

Pre-Prep Sports