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A teacher and pre-prep students outside at Rugby School Thailand

Welcome to the Pre-Prep. The feel of the school reflects those of its staff; it is a warm, welcoming place that, through teaching and learning, allows creativity to flow whilst also encouraging every pupil to challenge themselves. It is a place where pupils start their journey of self-discovery.

Strong foundations lie at the heart of the curriculum allowing children to build on basic skills needed for the world in which they live. A combination of hands-on learning, creative thinking and formal teaching methods are used to encourage children to experiment, to have a go and not worry about making mistakes, to be kind and considerate and value everyone and everything and, most importantly, to be the best they can be.

Our day to day is a busy one, a colourful explosion of activities designed to stimulate children. Alongside teaching them the basic foundations of learning we acknowledge the importance of the values of respect, honesty, and responsibility.

Sarah Shuttleworth
Head of Pre-Prep

The Knowledge Review named Rugby School Thailand as one of the 10 most valuable pre-schools in Thailand 2019.