Our Class of 2020 is celebrating 61% A*/A grades and entries to top global universities.

Despite the unique challenges that came with 2020, our first Sixth Form cohort achieved world-class results.

We are still celebrating the brilliant and well-deserved A-Level results from our first-ever Sixth Form cohort. Not only did they rise to the challenges of an extraordinary chapter in history, but they did it as the trailblazers for RST’s Sixth Form. The fact that 78% achieved A*/B, and between them they had a 100% pass rate, is a true testament to this bright and resilient group of pupils.

Developing values for life, such as determination and resilience, is one of the core parts of an education here at Rugby School Thailand; to see these traits in action has made the Senior School staff incredibly proud.

Our Head Boy, Sung Eun, has been awarded a full scholarship to study Economics at London School of Economics (ranked 6th in the world for the subject) with 4 ½ A* grades. Meanwhile, Minji’s 2A*s & 2As afforded her the opportunity to choose studying Business Economics at Bangkok’s Mahidol University over accepting her offer from University College London. These are just two of the many examples of our wonderful students shining as they graduate from RST.

Excellent achievements from the class of 2020

Student Pass Rate


straight a* Grades achieved


achieved A*/a Grades


achieved A*/B Grades


A Bespoke Journey For All

A university place is not an outcome, but a step on the journey. Whilst we are extremely proud of the excellent offers our students have received – and the places they will be securing – we want more for them. We want our students to be ready to make the most of university life when they arrive. We focus on career outcomes, of which university is a part. We place importance on developing character, producing rounded and confident individuals who are able to persevere through challenges. The rigorous academic side of life here is balanced with a variety of activities, from sport to house competitions and charity fundraising, to mention a very few. At Rugby School Thailand, the whole person really is the whole point.

“Our philosophy is to get students into the university that fits them best. Then to make sure they have all the skills needed to excel when they are there.”


"‘University is part of the journey not the destination."
Lee May
Head of Sixth Form

Get ready for University Course

During the course of their time in 6th form our students have undertaken a course to ready them for all aspects of university life. The course included healthy eating, cooking, budgeting, student finance, accommodation and in the final 3 weeks, a course to ready them for the academic challenges they will face.

This academic course is an undergraduate level mini-dissertation where students are learning how to research, plan projects, set research questions, define the scope of a project, academically reference, use spreadsheets and give multimedia presentations. Lectures from Bath university and Nottingham university, Malaysia have supplemented lectures from RST staff. Each student has at least 2 tutorials each week to help them keep on track.

A-Level Preparation Course

Before starting in our Sixth Form we offer our students the opportunity to take an A-level Preparation course. This course is offered to Our D Block students (Year 11) and aims to ready them for selecting their A-level options. Interactive work is provided in all subjects with weekly (or more frequent) catch-up sessions. In addition to helping students feel confident in their A-level choices, and where these could lead them in life after school, the course encourages our students to become more independent learners in readiness for Sixth Form.