Our Boarding Houses

Our Houses

The House system originated at Rugby School over 200 years ago and remains central to student life. As part of a ‘House’, students from Year 3 upwards find great joy and sense of purpose, whilst making friendships for life across many year groups.

In the Senior School, students are placed in houses according to whether they are a day student or a boarding student. Exactly the same levels of pastoral care, tutoring, mentoring, the nurturing of individual talents can be found in our Day Houses as in our Boarding Houses. There are six different Houses and here is a snapshot of each: 


Rupert Brooke

This is one of our boarding houses, where female boarders from F Block (Year 9) upwards live as a boarder. The girls have put their stamp on it to make a colourful, homely space where they spend their evenings and weekends together. Why is it called Rupert Brooke? It is named after the British war poet, author of ‘The Soldier’, who attended Rugby School in the 19th century.

School House

This is the other of our boarding houses for Senior students, but this one is for boys. It looks out over the playing fields, so the boys can easily access green space to run around and kick a ball. The original School House at Rugby UK was the Headmaster’s house and first welcomed students to board in the 16th century.
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Sheriff House

Sheriff House is a boys day house and gets its name from Lawrence Sheriff, the founder of Rugby School UK and grocer to Queen Elizabeth I. The house crest is a pair of scales, which is not only a nod to its namesake, but a reminder for House members to aim for balance in all areas of life.


Southfield is a girls day house that has a diverse mix of talents and qualities, with students from all backgrounds. At Rugby UK, the Southfield building was once home to the School’s first female teacher, Alice Dukes.

Town House

Another of our boys day houses, Town House was Rugby UK’s original ‘House’ and traces its origins right back to 1567.

Tudor House

Tudor House is another girls day house with a significant link to British history. Its name refers to the House of Tudor England, which was the royal house of Queen Elizabeth I, who reigned the country when Rugby UK was founded.
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