Meet the teacher: Steven Reid

Steven Reid | Year 3 Teacher | Prep School

Mr Reid has come a relatively short distance, from North London Collegiate School in South Korea. He is joined by his wife Aimee, the Senior School counsellor, and their daughter who is in Pre-Nursery. He is passionate about football and supports Birmingham City.
Why did you move to Thailand?
The weather, the beaches and the Rugby School facilities.
What were your first impressions of the school?
I thought it was delightful!
Any highlights of the move so far?
Not the quarantine…
Can you tell us something random about yourself?
About 20 years ago I was on a bus tour to a remote part of the Great Wall of China. We were dropped off at some ungodly hour and had to meet the bus again about 10 hours later, a few miles further along the wall. When we got to the bus it was getting dark and cold, and one person was missing. The driver insisted that we leave without them, but myself and another passenger wouldn’t let them go, because the guy would definitely have died. The two of us essentially organised a sit in until the tour operators agreed to send a party out to look for the missing passenger.

A couple of years ago I was watching the news and I saw my fellow conspirator being interviewed on the BBC. It turns out he is now the Minister for Digital Affairs in Macron’s government! 

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