Meet the teacher: Rebecca Shaw

Rebecca Shaw | Head of EAL | Prep School

Miss Shaw joins us from Millfield School in the UK to head up the Prep School EAL department. She once appeared in a Hollywood film… but she is keeping the title of it a secret from us!
What are your hobbies?
Shakespeare is my passion and I also love the theatre (watching and acting). I enjoy the staff netball club, jogging, skiing, reading, singing in the staff choir, horse-riding… lots of things!
What was the biggest draw behind your move here?

Mr Westlake promised me a school in a beautiful setting with students who are eager to learn and he has, I’m glad to say, delivered his promise!


Teaching English at the oh-so critical Prep School stage is a fantastic way to contribute to the school’s stellar IGCSE and A level results in the Senior School. I am excited to bring my expertise to this new school and play my part alongside a great team of teaching colleagues! Also, I love spicy Thai food and Thai geckos.

Have there been any highlights from the move so far?
I love the view from my staff accommodation balcony at 6am, during the sun and cloud transformations of a fair morning’s dawn. My tutor group 6H deserve a special ‘shout out’ for looking after me in my first term – who knew pupils could be so kind and caring?
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