Meet the teacher: Chris Pye

Chris Pye | Spanish, French & Mandarin Teacher | Prep School

Mr Pye has moved here from Guangzhou in China, with his wife Debbie, who teaches in Pre-Prep, and their two children. He has confessed that all the jokes he tells are proper ‘dad jokes’!

What are your biggest passions?
Apart from being really into learning languages, music is a big passion of mine. I’ve played drums since I was at secondary school and started learning to play bass a couple of years ago. I played in a few bands in China, including a Beatles tribute band, a Pink Floyd tribute act and a Rock Karaoke backing band. Apart from that, I love going to the cinema (especially Sci Fi movies) and I enjoy baking and cooking. I also support Liverpool FC as that is the city I come from.
Why did you want to move here?

I’m excited to join a growing school in a very beautiful part of the world and work with a team of excellent teachers.

I’m hoping to learn Thai this year, so apologies in advance if I end up asking everyone questions about the language and how it works… I can’t stop being a languages nerd!

What did you think of the school when you got here?
It’s a very big school. Being a new teacher in a big school isn’t a million miles away from being a new student – there are lots of new faces and names to learn, you’re always getting lost and never quite sure what’s happening next, but I’m looking forward to making new friends and being part of the community here.
Have there been any particular highlights of the move?
Lots. Definitely not the spiders!
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