King Rama IX commemoration day 2019

Today, we commemorate the passing of the late King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej, known as the King Rama IX, he reigned Thailand since 9 June 1946 until his death on 13 October 2016, making him the longest-reigning monarch ever in Thailand’s history.

 We held a special occasion and meaningful moment at our school last week in remembrance of Thailand’s beloved King. Pre-Prep assembly started with the Royal anthem, followed by a beautiful video and PDF presentation that focused on a great man’s lifetime and how he had lived and worked for his people.

Year 8 pupils then shared their respectful perspective to the King, which was followed by our Headmaster’s speech, to honour the late king to our all of our pupils. Mr. Nigel Westlake stated that the King’s way of life was very much an identification of what our school motto’s meaning truly resembles, and that he was a perfect example for what ‘the whole person, whole point‘ truly means. 


Lastly, all pupils sang together for a beautiful rendition of ‘Kings in fairy tales‘. View the video below to gain a sense of this emotional song and witness how the story unfolds through the video.



The King Rama IX left an important message for the Thai people, which was to not remember who he was, but more importantly remember what he did. We encourage our Rugby School Thailand pupils to follow the king’s steps by being a good person and doing honest, helpful and kind things.  King Rama IX, Bhumibol Adulyadej remains forever in our hearts here at Rugby School Thailand, and we pay our most profound respects on this remembrance anniversary 2019, from the board of directors, management, and staff of Rugby School Thailand.

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