Our eco-efforts on stage

Journey of the Noble Gnarble

This December we’ll be demonstrating our eco efforts on stage with a play unlike anything we’ve done before.

Year 3 and 4 classes will be performing in the “Journey of the Noble Gnarble”, a tale about a tiny little Gnarble with a great big dream: to swim to the top of the ocean and see the sky. His friends tell him that no Gnarble has ever swum that high… so leaving the naysayers behind, the Noble Gnarble follows his passion to explore and begins his journey up.

Not only does “Journey of the Noble Gnarble” cover environmental themes, but our portrayal of it will physically highlight some of the challenges we face in saving our waterways (both in Thailand and beyond), by juxtaposing the vibrant beauty of an underwater world with unsightly single-use plastic. The set for the play is being built uniquely from recycled materials, all thanks to an incredible community effort, with parents donating waste paper and plastics, pupils creating eco-bricks and the D&T department dedicating time to design the whole thing. In essence, the set has been built by the whole Prep School community. The eco-bricks will be re-used or future projects (like building flower beds) once the play is over.

We can’t wait to show you the outcome when the show comes to stage… so put 4th & 6th December in your diary. We look forward to seeing lots of parents there!
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