A majestic 80-acre campus in the heart of Asia

Just over an hour from Thailand’s thriving capital of  Bangkok and its international airports, Rugby School Thailand offers one of the largest school campuses you’ll find. Modelling itself on a British private school, RST’s majestic setting has world-class facilities that allow both day and boarding students to excel in all areas of school life. 

Exponential Growth

One of the fastest-growing British international schools in Asia.

Unparalleled Space & Facilities

An 80-acre campus with new, world-class facilities.

British Private School Model

A true British boarding school for parents based in Asia.


Daily sport and co-curricular activities, alongside world-class academics.

Welcome to Rugby School Thailand

“I see my journey with Rugby School Thailand as an opportunity to propel this fantastic school into the next stage of development, as it continues to secure its position as a trusted, top British international school in Asia. The heart and soul of a school is what makes it; this is often hard to convey online. I hope the information you find here will help to bring to life the unique aspects of RST that have engendered its success so far and make it a truly exceptional place for all to learn and thrive.”

Bruce Grindlay, Principal

Awarded COBIS Beacon for excellence in Boarding and Co-curricular (April 2021)

About us

We are a unique British international school in Pattaya, Thailand.

Our ethos ‘the whole person, the whole point’ means that while academic excellence lies at the heart of the Rugby School experience, sport, music, art, drama and co-curricular activities are in no way peripheral. Every child has space to thrive in this glorious Chonburi campus with its first-class facilities.


Take a virtual tour

Take a 3D virtual tour through the largest campus in Thailand and explore our world-class facilities. See what’s on offer in our Pre-Prep school, or take a walk through our new Web Ellis Sports Hall, we will leave it with you to discover our magnificent campus at your own pace.

Senior School

Senior School


Senior School


Senior School

Boarding Life

We see great benefits to the pupils in our boarding community. Boarding reduces the commute, giving children more time to study, enjoy hobbies and play with friends. It increases independence, nurtures deep friendships, improves language skills and fosters community spirit. We offer day boarding (1-2 fixed nights per week), weekly boarding (4 nights during the school week) and full time boarding (7 nights per week during term time).

Southeast Asia connections

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The British ‘Sixth Form’ refers to the final two years of secondary school. Here at Rugby School Thailand, our Sixth Form day runs from 8am until 6pm. It involves two distinct parts: firstly, academic lessons and secondly, activities, enrichment and prep (homework).

We offer the A Level curriculum in the LXX and XX (Sixth Form). Recognised by universities around the globe, A levels are the most popular post-16 qualifications in both the UK and the International Schools sector across the world.

Rugby School Thailand also offers the General Educational Development course, or the GED, to students who may not have met the entry requirements for A Level courses.


As an integral part of nurturing ‘the whole person’, every Sixth Form student enjoys an array of activities. Activities are extremely broad in scope and are categorised by theme:

All students are assigned a pastoral tutor within the House system; tutors guide their tutees to choose a suite of activities that broadens their horizons, while nurturing their existing interests and talents. Activities are designed to build the experience that will directly help with university applications and general career direction.

The aim of Rugby School Thailand’s Sixth Form is not just to help our children get into the best universities in the world, but for them to excel once they are there. Our Sixth Form curriculum is consequently broad and encourages independent thought and leadership. Our young adults develop the qualities of well-rounded individuals with a range of interests and the ability to think for themselves.

Our Sixth Form experience offers two sessions each week to focus on the skills and knowledge needed for careers and university applications. Our classes are small, so our teachers and specialists can fully guide and support our young adults on both their academic and personal journeys.


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Here, your child will develop the academic and life skills essential to thriving in his/her future study and in life. We offer a broad curriculum, with GCSE and IGCSE courses in Years 10 and 11, and A Levels in Years 12 and 13. All classes are taught by certified, passionate teachers from around the world.

Besides our private British high school model and global standard of education, learning at Rugby School Thailand embodies the restlessness, reflection and rigour that are central to the learning at our parent school, Rugby School UK. Our children develop a lifelong love of learning and an ability to reflect and engage in constructive self-criticism.

As the world constantly changes and new challenges demand more than academic ability and professional skills, the Senior School at Rugby School Thailand nurtures young adults that are also well-balanced and socially responsible — as shaping the whole person is the whole point. Our senior students enjoy an array of extra-curricular activities during our enhanced school day as well as a community action programme, an education model that resembles those in Warwickshire. They also have the available and trustworthy support of experienced, caring teachers as part of our legacy pastoral care.

Rugby School Thailand also offers a unique boarding experience, carrying on the traditions that date back over 450 years. Here, in our ‘home away from home’, our senior children learn, rest, play and build some of the most enriching relationships in our diverse community.

Our resource-rich, expansive campus offers comprehensive learning and development opportunities. Your child will build a strong academic background, as well as personal values and social skills. They will grow confidently into a kind, capable and well-rounded young adult. As captured by our parent school, ‘All facets of life — academic and artistic, spiritual and sporting — form part of an indivisible whole. The whole person, in fact.’

If you and your family would like to learn more about how we learn, play or what it’s like at the Rugby School Thailand, we would welcome the opportunity to meet you in person, and show you around our school.


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Welcome to our Pre-Preparatory school.

Here in our safe, warm environment, your child will begin their first step of lifelong learning. Our various lessons and activities foster curiosity and creativity in children and build basic life skills. They also learn not to worry about making mistakes and are taught that we can always learn from our missteps. But above all, our children learn to be responsible, kind and respectful to themselves and others around them.

Since 2017, our Pre-Prep teachers have combined practical learning and formal teaching methods, following the proven UK curriculum and our ‘Whole Person, Whole Point’ ethos. Learning and playing alongside their peers, each of our young persons are taught the love of learning, learn to communicate and develop essential academic and nonacademic skills. From Pre-Nursery to Key Stage 1, our Pre-Prep programme helps your child get ready to take on new challenges as they advance through school.

Our teachers agree on a long-term plan for each age group. This involves medium- and short-term plans about which specific termly topics will be taught, and to which groups of children. We review our long-term plan on an annual basis, while keeping the short- and medium-term plans flexible so we can best support the changing interests and needs of our children.
Our study plans articulate the learning objectives, teaching strategies, educational resources and activities that our teachers will use for each topic. We also take the National Primary Strategy into account when planning for literacy and mathematics development plans, and consider the national schemes of work when planning the strategies and methods for the foundation subjects. These schemes help us determine fair, practical assessment methods and identify intended learning outcomes from children with varying abilities.

The Early Years Foundation Stage

From Pre-Nursery to Reception years, our teachers set a half termly topic. As the interests of our children change, our topic changes. As for swimming, PE, music and languages, our specialist teachers will ensure your child feels comfortable exploring the subject at his/her own pace.

Key Stage 1

Here, your child’s class teacher will take care of the core subjects. To help our young children ease into their next step, they and our Prep School teachers will get to know each other in PE, music, swimming and languages.

Key Stage 1

In the first year of Key Stage 1, your child will ease into a more formalised learning. The focus and key subjects are largely a continuation of what he/she has achieved during the early years. Here, our teachers continue to foster independence and other essential skills.
In Year 2, your child begins to extend their knowledge and interests through a broader curriculum. The half termly topics our teachers use take a cross curricular approach, helping our children explore various opportunities.
Here, our children read daily and enjoy weekly spelling classes. They have simple, age-appropriate Maths homework each Friday. They have termly assessments in English (phonics, reading and writing) and Mathematics. For those of our children who experience challenges in these learning areas, our class teachers will help them work through the issues with supportive guidance and additional practice.


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Boarding School

The boarding houses at Rugby School Thailand provide a nurturing ‘home away from home’, where children immerse themselves in a different side of school life while making some of the most enriching relationships. Exemplifying the centuries of boarding school tradition of Rugby School UK, we aim to offer a unique boarding experience as one of the leading British boarding schools in Thailand.

Our boarding school welcomes children from Year 3 to the XX Form. Our boarders in both age groups enjoy spacious, first-class accommodation that suit their needs. We adopt a family-friendly approach and offer three different options:

Day Boarders

Day children may board up to two fixed nights a week during term-time (except half-term). The nights must be booked with the house staff and they will be fixed for the whole term.

Weekly Boarders

Our weekly boarders stay at school all week during term-time (except half-term), and head home on Friday afternoon for the weekends. We provide fixed transport to and from Bangkok on Friday and Sunday afternoon each week. For more details, please see Transport.

Full Boarders

Our full Boarders stay at school all week during term-time and enjoy the full weekend programme. All boarders go home or to guardians/relatives/friends for half-term holidays and for fixed ‘Exeat’ weekends (usually two per term). Our children can request additional time away from school through our house staff. 

Benefits of Boarding

The boarding houses at Rugby School Thailand aim to provide a happy place where children live in unique international communities that have been created with their growth and development at the centre. With the care and support of our boarding staff, these ‘homes away from home’ also offer many other benefits.

Expert pastoral guidance

In the homely environment of our boarding houses, our House Parents and House Deans are present and available to care for and provide any support that your child needs. Our experienced, understanding teachers help develop core values and work on any personal or academic issues a child might be going through. Our boarding houses also have strict rules on mobile and screen usage, to ensure our children spend their time building interpersonal skills, discovering new hobbies and resting properly.

Less time commuting, more time engaging

Commuter hour makes your child weary, particularly in cities like Bangkok where the journey to and from school can take up many precious hours of the day. As a boarder at Rugby School Thailand, your child can cut out the commute and instead enjoy a short walk along green pathways to get to class. This means they have more time to engage with friends, in lessons, during free play, with new hobbies.

Friendships for life

The friendships our children make are among the most unique and rewarding aspects of our boarding experience. When children live together, care for and support each other and grow together, they foster a strong sense of family community that only becomes more enriching as they grow.


A sense of independence

From the first boarding years through Prep to the last ones in Sixth Form, our children foster a sense of independence. They make their own bed and help with laundry or with loading the dishwasher after snacks. These simple life skills build a sense of responsibility and self-sufficiency in our children. As they graduate, our boarders leave for university with a practical skill set and a mature attitude.

World-class facilities

The many facilities at Rugby School Thailand become part of our home environment. The playing fields are a back garden for boarders. Swimming, exploring the nature trails around the grounds and camping in the Outdoor Education Centre are our regular activities. Our boarders also enjoy fun weekend excursions to exciting local places.


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Opening our doors to prep children in 2017, Rugby School Thailand draws from the 450 years of educational and pastoral heritage of Rugby School UK and the British private prep school model. We believe that modern education is about ‘the whole person’ with a healthy mind, body and spirit. Without a healthy body, a child’s mind doesn’t reach its full potential. Without the right spirit and qualities of character, our young people won’t feel at ease with themselves, with others and with their future in this world.

Here on our serene, 80-acre campus, your child can learn, play and grow among nature. They can also enjoy creative activities or sport of their choice every day after class during our enhanced school days without wasting time and energy commuting during the rush hours. Our boarding school and long-standing ‘house’ system also offers our children a happy, secure ‘home away from home’. Here, children build essential life skills and some of the most enriching relationships of their lives. They also grow confidently into the ‘whole person’ with the care and support from our empathic, experienced teachers.

Your child will focus on the core subjects: English, Maths and Science, but at the same time enjoy Art, Design Technology, Thai, Mandarin, French, Spanish, History and Geography. Drama, swimming, PE, computing, music and Personal, Social, Health and Economic lessons (PSHE) will also play a big part in nurturing them into the ‘whole person’.



In addition to preparing our young children for their transition into Senior School and their future iGCSE and A level exams, our curriculum helps them:


  • Develop the social and personal skills necessary for thriving in Senior School and in life
  • Explore their interests in individual subjects and reinforce their love of learning
  • Receive positive, effective academic support
  • Build self-motivation and the right set of work ethics
  • Reach their full academic potential
There are many strategies of assessment that are employed in our classrooms:

  • Observation
  • Questioning and discussion
  • Photographing, videoing and audio recording work
  • Marking assignments
  • Tests and exams
  • Diagnostic testing: inCAS and MidYIS

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