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Sarah Shuttleworth

Head of Pre-Prep

Sarah joined Rugby School Thailand in September 2017 after five years as an ‘outstanding’ Assistant Head and Head of Pre-Prep at Feltonfleet Prep, a private school in southern England. She brought fresh ideas and vision, and ‘total commitment to the personal, social and academic development of the pupils in her care’, and has been a very highly-regarded Head of Early Years in three different countries, all following the British National Curriculum. These include Regents International School in Bangkok, Bromsgrove International School in Bangkok, and international schools in Hong Kong and Indonesia. 

Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts degree, with Qualified Teacher Status, from the University of Leeds. In 2011 Sarah qualified as an inspection team member for the CIS (Council for International Schools). She has established a wide range of initiatives in her career, from cursive handwriting schemes, to soft play rooms, to woodland nature areas. Sarah says that she ‘firmly believes that all we do must be for the good of the pupils’, and that she has ‘high expectations in terms of both the quality of work produced and the behaviour expected’. 

Sarah is married to Roger who runs the Intensive English programme at the Pre-Prep and they have a son who is now in the Senior School at RST. 

Dr Khunying Kasama Varavarn

Former Permanent Secretary of State to the Thailand Ministry of Education