Do you offer IELTS / TOEFL?

As part of our Sixth Form programme, we can offer students IELTS, TOEFL and SAT support.
Basic IELTS preparation is included in the fees, and this is for students with a strong level of English. It can range from a few hours exam practice to a formal course of 1 hour per week over a set period of time, depending on the needs of the individual student (both in terms of their level and the score they require for university entrance). It is worth noting that students with a C/4 grade and above in iGCSE English (First language) are often, but not always, exempt from the IELTS requirement.
The second programme is for students with more significant English needs and forms part of a broader EAL programme. This is supported by one-to-one or small group teaching during the curriculum and will mean students are likely to do fewer A-level subjects to make time for it. There is an additional cost to this more intensive programme.
Our preference is for IELTS, but in the rare case (Japan being the most common) where IELTS is not accepted by a university, we are able to offer TEOFL support.
As part of our Sixth Form offering, there are 2 hours per week for SAT Maths and English preparation; this is staffed by experienced teachers. We do not offer SAT subjects preparation.
In addition to the above, we run formal programmes of preparation for BMAT (medicine) and MAT (maths).
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