Congratulations to our Class of 2021

Rugby School Thailand is celebrating another year of excellent A Level results.  Continuing on from the success of our inaugural Sixth Form cohort, the Class of 2021 here at Rugby School Thailand has received a 100% pass rate, with 79% achieving A*/B grades and 32% receiving straight A* grades. We are immensely proud of you all!

After an exceptionally eventful chapter in their lives, the positivity, resilience and determination shown by our second Sixth Form cohort has been incredible. The unique challenges of 2020/21 have enabled these students to learn the true meaning of dedication and experience great success through adversity, whilst also developing important skills for life.  Resilience, for example, is one of the core values we teach at Rugby School Thailand; seeing this trait coming to the fore so organically, has made the Senior School staff especially proud. 

A triumphant second cohort with 61% A*/A grades

A* / A
A* / B

Placements At Leading Universities

From our impressive results, many of our students have secured some wonderful university places in Thailand and also abroad, including:  Toronto, Sussex, Glasgow, Warwick, Manchester Cardiff and St Andrew’s.  As well as the more traditional tertiary route, one student is starting in the School Leavers’ scheme at Ernst & Young, considered to be one of the world’s leading accounting firms, and another is joining the Thai military.

Further education at one of the top global universities is often the end goal for our students. Offering A Levels in conjunction with a vast array of extra curricular activities means that we can tailor each individual student’s path, so it is no surprise then that our students have such a range of university options.

A Bespoke Journey For All

After receiving these fantastic A Level results, most of our students are now preparing to begin higher education at universities across the globe. 

Lee May, Head of Sixth Form, says “A university place is not an outcome, but a step on the journey. We want Rugby School Thailand students to be ready to make the most of university life as soon as they arrive. This is why our Sixth Form focuses on career outcomes beyond university, too. We place importance on developing character, producing rounded and confident individuals who are able to persevere through challenges. The rigorous academic side of life here is balanced with a variety of activities, from sport to house competitions and charity fundraising, to mention a very few. The whole person really is the whole point”.



To everyone in our Class of 2021, congratulations on your A Level results and we wish you the best of luck in your onward journey!

“Our philosophy is to get students into the university that fits them best. Then to make sure they have all the skills needed to excel when they are there.”
Lee May
Head of Sixth Form
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