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Dear staff, parents and students of Rugby School Thailand.

On 10th of July 2019, my husband, Nataphol Teepsuwan, received the Royal endorsement from His Majesty the King Maha Vajralongkorn to became Thailand’s Minister of Education. The Teepsuwan family is humbled and forever grateful for the Royal appointment and the trust from the Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O Cha. However, to avoid conflict of interest as Nataphol is the top policy maker in the Education portfolio, I have to resign from the position of Chief Executive Officer, School license holder and Governor of Rugby School Thailand – effective immediately. We apologise for the short notice as the appointment to this honourable and prestigious position cannot be predicted. 

Education has always been our passion. We are fortunate to be have been able to create a unique private education institution to assist in enhance the development of the children in so many ways. This new path of Nataphol will lead to greater education improvement for the country as a whole general public which is even much more critical. The experience that we have had in this the RST project (many thanks to all of you) will surely contribute towards be the contribution to the education development of education in Thai society.  Whilst the RST dream is not yet complete, our priority must be It’s certainly a dream unfulfilled but for the greater goods of Thailand. We have to acknowledge and accept the consequences.

Education has always been our passion. We are fortunate to be have been able to create a unique private education institution to assist in enhance the development of the children in so many ways.

Taya Teepsuwan

Our aim is naturally to ensure that this change has as little impact upon Rugby School Thailand, particularly its children, as possible. The day-to-day running of the school’s administration will accordingly continue to be led by our Executive Committee, COO, CFO and General Manager; all educational matters will continue to be addressed by our experienced Heads and their senior management teams; we will continue to benefit from the advice and guidance of Rugby School UK; and RST’s Governing body will continue to focus upon the key strategic and financial decisions. In other words: ‘business as usual’.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Board of Governors for all your kind support, along with a great working relationship, throughout the time. I trust know that Rugby School is in very good hands and that the school everyone will do their best to will continue to develop and thrive in the terms and years to come. developing and improving the school.

Sincerely Yours,

Taya Teepsuwan

In response to Khun Taya’s announcement, we would like to add that on behalf of all the management, staff and students of Rugby School Thailand, we offer our sincere gratitude for all that you have built and contributed towards establishing a truly unique international school, and for all of your dedicated hard work in leading the plans to bring together a magnificent school combined with talented staff that will continue to operate and provide an education like no other. We wish you the best of luck, and send our blessings with you on your next steps.

Rugby School Thailand’s new PJ Tennis Academy

Rugby School Thailand’s new PJ Tennis Academy

This term we’ve unveiled our brand new tennis courts, along with a world-class coaching programme run by Paradorn Srichaphan (former #1 tennis player in Thailand and #9 world ranking), and Jed Gould (former Australian #1 Junior tennis player, 20 years tennis coaching experience in Australia).

High-quality porous tarmac

Our four new courts are constructed from a traditional hard court surface material, known as the painted porous macadam surface. Our new court surface is constructed from the same material that is used at the Australian Open. Favoured as a middle ground, it allows for faster play than clay courts, but remains slightly slower than grass, and is often described as offering a true bounce. The court is designed to lower impact on the joints and lower limbs, making it ideal for well-paced tennis matches and training.

Spectacular floodlit courts

RST’s courts feature a state-of-the-art innovative lighting system, powered with a high stability output. Our LED floodlit courts offer players high efficiency and high power from precise lighting and directional aim. Featuring a built-in anti-glare system, players are able to play and train undisturbed throughout the evening.

Professional tennis academy

Paradorn and Jed will oversee our new coaching programme – within what is known as the ‘PJ Tennis Academy’ – and will pay regular visits to RST. Every coach working for the academy will be of international standard. We currently have Igor Trachenko here, who has been coaching directly for Paradorn Srichaphan at his International Tennis Academy in Hua Hin. Igor is working with pupils from aged 3 years up to elite level.

Expert coaching, from award-winning tennis players

Khun Varunya Wongteanchai (Yuyii)

Rugby School Thailand is proud to announce that we offer world-class coaching from one of Thailand’s top tennis players – Khun Varunya Wongteanchai (Yuyii). Khun Yuyii boasts a record of awards from her time playing in various tournaments. Dedicated to the sport, she strives for success and teaches extraordinary tennis skills that will last a lifetime. For a glimpse into her success, see the below list. 

  • Winner Women’s Single under 18 Thailand King Cup 2011
  • Winner Women’s Single Thailand King Cup 2012
  • Winner Women’s Doubles $10,000 Indonesia 2014
  • Winner Women’s Single Singha tatp tour Impact tennis academy 2014
  • Winner Women’s Doubles $10,000 at Ramagardent Hotel 2014
  • Winner Women’s Doubles $15,000 at True Arena Huahin 2017​
  • Winner Women’s Doubles $15,000 at the lawn tennis association of Thailand 2017
  • Winner Women’s Doubles $25,000 Pune, India 2017​

Igor Trachenko

Igor Trachenko has been coaching for Paradorn Srichaphan in Hua Hin at the Paradorn International Tennis Academy. He works with students aged 3 years to elite level. He is Russian, and also speaks English fluently and a little Thai. He has completed a degree is sports science, majoring in sports management. His tennis profile is as follows:

  • National Top 10 player in Russia as a junior player
  • Top 20 ranked Russian junior Under 18.
  • Thai National junior ranking top 10 in Under 14 and Under 16.
  • Winner of 80 competitions/tournaments
  • Champion of Siberia and Far East juniors and seniors
  • 8 years coaching experience in Russia and Thailand”


Rugby School Thailand to host Bangkok Soccer Schools 2019

Rugby School Thailand to host Bangkok Soccer Schools 2019

On the 1st & 2nd June 2019, Rugby School Thailand will once again host one of Thailand biggest soccer tournaments – The Bangkok Soccer Schools International Tournament. The tournament will see the very best academies from across Asia come together to take part in what promises to be a spectacular two day event. With teams travelling from Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka and China, as well as three cities within Thailand, we look forward to welcoming all the football teams and their coaches, and wish everyone the best of luck!

World-Class Facilities

Rugby School Thailand has the virtue of being set on an 80-acre campus, and our brand new facilities are second to none. At over 10,000 square metres, the new sports hall will be another defining feature of the world-class facilities our Senior School can offer, complete with recently opened tennis courts and an Aquatics Centre in development (in addition to the existing swimming pools). 
Our incredible grounds give us the means to host tournaments such as this Bangkok Soccer Schools one, and we can offer so much more than many other venues in Thailand can.

Children in the sports hall at Rugby School Thailand

Bangkok Soccer Schools

The Bangkok Soccer Schools philosophy is to firstly instill in children a the love of the game. They provide the opportunity for young players to receive quality professional coaching in a fun yet structured environment. BSS educate players in cycles with progressive challenges that improves both knowledge and skills – with a constant focus on player development. The objective, no matter what level or age a player is at, is to ensure that each child is learning by enjoying maximum engagement with the ball. To find out more about Bangkok Soccer Schools, click here.

Hourly School Tours

While the Bangkok Soccer Schools tournament is on, we will have RST staff on-site to run regular tours of the school. These will take place on the hour throughout the first day on Saturday.

Keep an eye out for us there and discover more about our school. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

2018 Tournament Gallery

Tournament Begins

Footballer chasing football
Goalkeeper saving football

Rugby School Thailand is situated amongst the rolling hills of Chonburi, Thailand, surrounded by 80-acres of green, lush countryside, just a short drive from Pattaya City. With easy access to a range of hotels, our school is based in a convenient location, making it ideal to host such a large football tournament. 


The truth about A Levels

You may have heard some rumours that say A Levels are only good for entry to UK universities. This is simply untrue.

A Levels are the gold standard for entry into UK universities – but they are also globally accepted. Students from the UK use their A Level results to attend universities around the world. Likewise, schools in Thailand that offer A Levels have been sending students to universities worldwide for decades, and this includes the most prestigious university establishments.

In fact, at some US and Canadian universities, certain A Level courses are so highly regarded that students can gain one year of university credit by virtue of their A Level studies at school.

To learn more about A Level qualifications for university entry, you can read this article on the Cambridge Assessment International Education website.

Rugby School Thailand is fully accredited with the three international A Level examination boards – Cambridge Assessment International; Pearson Edexcel; and OxfordAQA. Rugby School Thailand is an examination centre for each of these boards. Our first examinations occurred in January, 2019.

If you wish to talk to us about your child’s Sixth Form education in preparation for university, please do get in touch with admissions@rugbyschool.ac.th to arrange a time.